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Dante Torem, was born on the planet Stewjon and relative to one Jedi: Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is a Force-sensitive human male of the Jedi Order since the Jedi took him when he was a months olds and bought him to the Jedi Order, where he belong. He was train by Yoda once, before he got his own master name Vergil, who taught him everything and the Ways of the Force.

Dante Torem is very good friends to Master Vos since on the mission and met his cousin Obi-Wan and also a sister to Shaak Ti, one of the Jedi Council who once an apprentice to Vergil, long ago, beofre he met him since after Shaask Ti pass her trial.

He's mission on the planet Velmar and met a young princess next line to the throne and he becoming less attract and try to do not to attract on her during his Jedi training and find a culprits who try to destroy the assassination of the King.

After many years, since he learn about the Sith have return once more and passing a Jedi Trial and yet he never take an apprentice and he wasn't there in the first wave since the beginning of the Clone Wars.

Dante Torem, is one of the wise Jedi Knight and one of the few Battlemaster who teach students about handling the lightsaber correctly and understand of thier form ability to each one of them, before thier master will collect and becoming thier own apprentice. Dante Torem, is great Jedi to all Jedi Order.

His pasts:

"As a youngling to myself. I'd become one of the wiser than any youngling to understand the Ways of the Force." - Dante himself.
When he was born from the planet Stewjon, when he begin to attempt and well collect to the Force, when the Jedi comes along take him to the Jedi Order when he was months old. By the Jedi took him and make him into a proper care to look after him before he will do his training when he reach at the age of 4 years old.

His ability was impressive and beginning to understand how to manifest of the Living Force and control the Force form within him. He understand perfectly and remenbered the Jedi Code since Master Yu'a Sayod teach many Youngling about control and connected to the Force. By the time he's reaching toward his 10th year, he building his own lightsaber in emerald blade and pass The Gathering and pass getting the crystal on Ilum.

Getting a Master:

At the age of 12, just before he's about to get his own master sooner and later and after met a friend name Dan Ouse and Vlad Im'po that the two of them are becoming good friend to him, before he met Obi-Wan and Vos. His ability are becoming impressive and yet his Force Power is beyond to all Jedi, yet his ability is in peaceful, not getting voilence withstand gaining power from the Dark Side.

When he met one Jedi Master who live for over 200 year. A Mimion Jedi Master Vergil, who wiser and greater and equal to Master Yoda who becoming very good friends and trusted advisor from each other, who explore different mission in different occassion from thier time. Who is very impressive on young Dante and witness on his amazing abili with a powerful Force Push, that no Jedi have never seen him with incredibles Force ability, even Yoda is impressive as well. Once they're witness and see him when Vergil approach him and take him to be his apprentice and becoming a Jedi Padawan.

But the councils is becoming less worry on Dante, but they sense that Dante is given prove to be true Jedi Knight.

But Dooku, is heavily advise to Yoda, about Dante's power, but Vergil strongly advise and disagree to him about Dante's action and yet he beilieve that Dante is becoming a greater than any Jedi Knight.

His First Mission:

"My first mission is little more complex since I didn't know about it."

"How come?

"Let's just saying, that it was highly mislead since the small outburst."

After Dante gain his own Jedi Master, Vergil. That his first mission is on the planet B'ito when he and his mission are negotiate with the people of B'ito about the coilding issure between two different nation from the Nothern and Southern Border. It take over a months to understand the thoery what even wrong to know why the Border are beginning to turn against each other.

Vergil begin to realise that something is not right, since the outburst between B'itian pexpel, when he told his apprentice to find out what happen form the Border, as a recon mission scout and told him to be mindful to know what happened, when he begin to expolre to know what happen within the Border.

Dante is carefully to know what happend on the Border, while Vergil is distracted on the Northern and Southern nation to re-negotiate in different solution. Dante is checking to see what happend to the Border Nation and yet he saw something that blast though on the wall, and yet he notice something on the ground that something goes wrong on him knowing this investgation is becoming more ingturging by the minutes. . . .

Behind the sence:

Dante Torerm is base on different occasion. One: Dante is base on a famous writer who wrote down Divide Comdy- Dante Ahiglihai and Torem is base on a Latin name called Vitorerm meaning Traveller. That Dante keep on traveling in different occasion, during his serach in the Nine Circles in real life, before he becoming a famous Poet and write down about all sage of the Nine Circle.

Dante is the only relative to Obi-Wan Kenobi, that the two of them were born on the same planet from thier father and mother side of the families.

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