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Dante was a Sith Lord whom was active during the Great Force War. Born as Jacen Dorelli in Kaas City to force sensitive parents, he was given to the Sith Empire as an infant, anointed with the name 'Dante', would be become known as the Sith Lord, Darth Xenon. However, his faith in the Sith Empire was shaken during his final trial, on Coruscant in 3168, when he was tasked with killing a member of the Jedi Council, Tor Carel. Although Dante was successful in killing the Jedi Master, he was unable to bring himself to kill Carel's padawan, the young human female Cora Val, whose death was demanded by Lord Parlox, his Sith Master. Forced into killing his master, so that the padawan could survive, he returned to Dronmund Kaas, fabricating a story in which his Master, and the two Jedi were killed.

As a result of his killing of the Jedi Master, he was raised to Sith Lord, and given the title Darth Xenon. Xenon served the Empire diligently for over a decade, but when the Sith Emperor returned in 3157 BBY, he found himself in a perilous position. After killing the acting leader of the Sith Empire, the Ancient Sith ordered the death of the entire Sith Council, and Sith Lords who had betrayed the Order, including the young Sith Lord, whose lies were exposed by the Emperor. Although humbled by the Sith Inquisitor, he was able to escape, fleeing to Tatooine.


Early life




Personality and traits

Dante's longing for peace and tranquillity, both within the Universe and within his own soul, was what led him down such a complex and convoluted path of redemption. Initially, when he first met Cora on Coruscant, it was not romantic infatuation which drew him to her (although one did develop) rather his untrained and raw ability in empathy picked up on her unwavering inner tranquillity and sense of calmness, which intrigued the young Sith Lord. As a result, there first meeting imprinted on his personality, providing him with a sense of hope, which in turn, prevented him not from falling into the darkside, but offered him a chance of redemption. In short, Dante was never truly a Sith, rather he was a force sensitive being trained in the Sith ways, whom saw through the Sith vision - a conquered universe, subservient and fearful of their power - who in fact wanted the very opposite. However, because of his upbringing and training in the Sith Empire, the Dark Side was all he knew, and he was forced to use it as his tool of choice to attempt to free himself from the burden of the Sith Empire.

By serving the Sith Empire faultlessly and with dedication, he hoped that he would able to achieve the peace and tranquillity he sought. However, the return of the Sith Emperor, and his banishing from the Empire, ignited a fear within him, which forced him to confront, and try to destroy the Sith to save the Universe, and ultimately Cora, from the darkness which had tried to consume him. The Darkside ultimately failed to consume Dante, and it was because of this that he was able to use its power without fear of falling, and he was never in any chance of doing so.

Powers and abilities

Arguably the most powerful force user of his age, Dante's powers altered and developed as he embraced the light side of the force, yet still retaining his mastery of the darkside. Described as being within the centre of the two opposite disciplines, he was able to call upon powers of the light and of the dark when it was required. In regards to his lightsaber technique, he was a master of Form VII, Juyo, whilst also integrating moves and techniques from Form III (Soresu), Form IV (Ataru), Form V (Djem So), and Form VI (Niman), all of whom he had developed a high level of skill in.

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