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Damian Cooper was a Human Jedi Knight.


Early Life

Damian was born on Naboo in 2 BBY. He was discovered to be force sensitive when he was ten years old by a disciple of Luke Skywalker in 8 ABY. He was escorted to an academy on Yavin 4 where he trained to be a Padawan, which was incidently the same academy that Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr were stationed at. He trained with a single Green lightsaber and followed the path of the Jedi Consular. At the academy he met Artemis Radcliffe and Akari Morrison. They became good friends and looked out for one another when sent on missions together. He obtained knighthood in 13 ABY, but Artemis and Akari got their knighthood in 14 ABY.

Disciples of Ragnos

In 14 ABY, when Tavion Axmis led the Disciples of Ragnos to Korriban, Damian entered the battle at the age of 16. He then used blue and green lightsabers. During the battle Akari was captured by the Sith and Artemis and Damian set out to save him. During the battle they meet Cricket; Damian's long lost brother; and converted him to the light.

Search for Akari (Naboo)

The search for Akari lasted a year until Atremis got information from an assassin that Akari was on Naboo. Damian, Artemis, and Cricket headed to Naboo to find remnants of the Disciples of Ragnos. After searching parts of Naboo they finally found their friend meditating in an open field. Akari threw off his black robes and revealed his twin red lightsabers along with the new identity of "Darth Akari". After a heated duel between Damian, Akari, and Cricket, Damian chopped Akari's hand off and Akari was defeated and rescued by a {{sw|Sith Lord]] dressed in black robes.

Artemis found Akari escaping in an Impirial shuttle and threw a tracking device on it that went to a human settlement (settled by Czerka Corporation during the days of the Old Republic) on Kashyyyk, but later was moved to the Forest moon of Endor.

Search for Akari (Endor)

The search for Akari lead Damian to the Endor moon where he raided a Dark Jedi fort, and found Count Poopoo. He engaged Poopoo in battle but Poopoo teleported to safety when Damian was about to deal the finishing blow.

Search for Akari (Kashyyyk)

Damian met Artemis on Endor and Artemis had made a new friend Chuck. They looked for Akari in the Czerka found city. They found Dark Jedi on this world and had to fight them off, but they never found Akari.

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