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Damea was a planet located in the Unknown Regions near the border with Wild Space. Once a verdant world with a thriving population, by the time of the New Jedi Order, Damea's surface was utterly barren and destroyed.





This world was once thriving and prosperous. By all accounts, a veritable paradise."
"This dust ball? People lived here?"
"Yes. No natural cause or cataclysm caused the destruction you see here."
"Wait, wait... you're telling me that someone destroyed it? Caused... this? Why? To destroy a planet... one full of people... it's monstrous."
"Monstrous, indeed. I wonder that myself. Was it a casualty of war? A sacrifice to stave off invaders? Was the destruction an act made out of arrogance? Cruelty? Spite? All of the above, perhaps? Nevertheless, it is a sad reminder of the true power a Force-sensitive holds: such an individual in the right place, at the right time, can have dramatic impact over a nation, a world, even a galaxy with their actions. We must be mindful at all times... lest we destroy everything around us.

Marrik Quee and Daertha Ollan, visiting Damea long after its destruction

Behind the scenes

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