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New Republic era

Dalverin Thonosh was a Human male from Cogault who participated in his homeworld's resistance against the Galactic Empire and later became a member of New Republic Intelligence. He was killed by a bounty hunter on his first assignment.


Born on Cogault in 28 BBY, Thonosh lived a lavish lifestyle for many years. His uncle Ceverio was caught supporting the Alliance to Restore the Republic in 3 ABY and the Thonosh family decided to reign in Dalverin's lifestyle for fear that he would draw further Imperial attention to them. Upset with his father for reducing his allowance to only two thousand credits per week, Dalverin took revenge by dating a young, pro-Rebel schoolteacher named Mavia Torbas. When she was arrested in 5 ABY, he joined the Cogault resistance in hopes of recruiting someone to break her out of jail. He succeeded in persuading several young men to launch a raid on the jail and free Torbas and several other inmates.

Torbas joined the resistance and began creating anti-Imperial and pro-New Republic propaganda. Dalverin helped her distribute it and was nearly captured by Imperial stormtroopers on several occasions. Being trained in blaster combat, he fought the Empire when the New Republic liberated Cogault in 5 ABY. Shortly afterward, he joined New Republic Intelligence and dumped Torbas. He was trained and stationed in an observation group on Laumedon. As he was beginning to regret his decision in early 7 ABY, a Zutreybn bounty hunter named Exzhyger Ulbviwer found the group and a firefight ensued. Dalverine took a blaster bolt to the chest and died.

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