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Truth be told, I think honor and justice are like two sides of the same coin. But it all depends on when you flip the coin, which side will it land on?
—Dalso Makon

Dalso Makon or better known by his Clone callsign Deacon or even CL-1, was a Clone Paratrooper within the 501st Legion. He was the first of his kind and had to age normally due to the lack of technology to speed his aging. When the Clone Wars began, he was placed in the 501st Legion rather then in the 2nd Airborne Company as a "hidden gem" within the Legion. He battled with the legion up to Order 66 in which he committed mutiny against his legion when the marched upon the Jedi Temple and tried to rescue as many younglings as he could. It was in those moments that he briefly met Kit Avo and, without even asking her for a name only whether she'll help, evacuated any others out. Sadly, the two were both taken prisoner by Darth Vader and his men to be experimented on or be turned into living weapons. Before Kit and CP-1 departed each other, Kit asked him like who and what he was and when she found that he had no real name gave him the name, Dalso Makon.

He went by that name when they interrogated him and experimented on him, never forgetting his past or his name. When the Death Star was destroyed by the Rebellion, Dalso escaped from the Empire's custody and went to Mandalore to fit into one of the clans. He did for a time being and eventually fell into deals with the Bounty Hunters' Guild which he joined not to long after. Though it wasn't until 0 BBY that he joined the Rebellion on surface of Hoth under service as a perimeter guard. Dalso fought in the final battles of the war, his most notable being in the Liberation of Coruscant where he raised the flag over the Senate building with his squad and killing a large council of Imperial Officers. When the ash settled, he found Kit again as head of the SIS and wished to join her as her second-in-command which he did up until the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War. They both went behind enemy lines, and even went to a captured Coruscant, which was under the alias of Yuuzhan'tar.

The two both retired back on Corellia, Kit's homeworld, and began to grow old together. When her Jedi training began, she had to be separated from him for long periods of time but when ended they reunited and stayed the same. Sadly though, the Second Galactic War began and Kit had to serve elsewhere as a Jedi Shadow while he organized the Republic's forces. After the Battle of Uroro Station, Kit was devastated and Dalso tried to comfort her in her final year of leaving and a year after she passed away he passed as well in 43 ABY.

Early Life and Training


Dalso's clone identification was CL-1, the "CL" standing for Clone lieutenant, and it served as an indication that he was the first lieutenant to be made by the Kaminoans. Though, he wasn't injected with the age enhancement for the technology was still new so they just decided to allow him to age naturally. Other clones began to show as he remained silent among them.

Training as a Paratrooper


Dalso as leader of his Cadet squad, Vorn.

Training didn't begin until he reached fighting age but even before then he trained on his own, learning to become a paratrooper within the 501st. He was assigned to squad Vorn and was given the captain role throughout his time as a cadet. They completed numerous courses, most notable being the Citadel Challenge, and were eventually filed in rank to be trained into the Republic's first paratroopers to serve. Though that training proved little as they were sent even off world on multiple occasions to experience parachuting from extreme elevation, the facility did not have available at the time.

Formation of the Army

When the time finally came for the services of the army were needed, he, along with his squad, prepped for days without end. The others were filed into the 2nd Airborne Company while he was sent into the 501st as a hidden paratrooper within the legion. Before deployment, he became a close friend with CT-7567 or better known as Rex.

The Clone Wars

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First Battle of Geonosis


Petranaki Arena

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Personality and traits


  • Dalso is actually a Mandalorian first name, and was named this because of honorable attitude and clever skill with a weapon.
  • Dalso fought a hologram projection of Revan and Bastila Shan during his years in training and won.
    • It was never clear on how he managed to, but it believed that he is somehow spiritually connected to Revan in the way he puts the needs of others before his own and militaristic mind set. It is unclear on he beat Shan but it is also hypothesized that he shares the same traits as her when it comes to loved ones.

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