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Dalnus Cam was a Jedi Knight who fought in the outbreak of the Clone Wars. He was a skilled Jedi Knight, and despite his age, managed to stay retain some of his usefulness using the Force.


Dalnus Cam was in love with Railcema Bylissura. Although it was against the Jedi Code to fall in love, the two Jedi could not easily dismiss their affection and love for another, although they kept their love a secret from everyone else, even to those close to them, lest they be expelled from the Jedi Order. He considered, Sana-Jis Ilowa, as the "younger sister he never had" and the two were quite fond of each other.

He along with: Railcema Bylissura, and Sana-Jis Ilowa, were then drafted to be stationed on the Republic Shelter Base on Jabiim.

During the CIS strike attack on the Shelter Base, the CIS forces were eventually beginning to overpower the Jedi and Republic forces. Renasura then told Sana-Jis to take cover and hide, while she and himself set out to draw the CIS forces away from the Shelter Base. At first, Dalnus was skeptical to Renasura, implying to her if her decision was the right course of action that would save Sana-jis, and Renasura assured him all would be fine and the two entered a battle to lure the CIS droid forces away from Shelter base.

It was the last time he or Renasura ever saw Sana-jis again.

Sana-jis managed to escape the base before the base was overran and destroyed. She took shelter and awaited for Republic Forces to discover her, where ARC Commander Gohan and a Republic Calvry discovered her several weeks later.


Dalnus, along with Railcema Bylissura both disappeared, during the Separatist attack on Shelter Base. Sana-jis, joined Gohan and the Republic Calvry on a search for the two missing Jedi but eventually turned up with nothing. Not a trace of the two Jedi could be found on Jabiim. After the battle, Sana-jis requested Gohan to declare her sister: Railcema Bylissura and Dalnus Cam as: MIA, and they were never seen again.

Sana-Jis Ilowa's likely scenario

Although many believed Renasura and Dalnus were forever lost, Sana expressed her point of view stating that she believe both her sister and Dalnus, had a secret romantic relationship, and that the two of them, had fallen and fled away together, away from the Jedi Order, the Republic, and the war, and had gotten married and started a family elsewhere. Whether this is true or not, has never been confirmed.

Behind the scenes

It is possible Dalnus was the male Human Jedi who tried to call for help during the early moments of the attack, right before a wave of Hailfire droids arrived to reinforce the Separatist attack.

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