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What is this repulsive smell??
—Dakon Dartoi

Dakon Dartoi was a clone created on Kamino, a clone created from the leftover DNA of Anakin when he went to Zygerria. It was ordered by the Zygerrian Queen to give her the perfect King.


Early life

As a clone, he was created by Kaminoans. He was cloned from Anakin Skywalker, and transported to Zygerria so that the queen could have her perfect King.

No One Can Control Him

He learns about the dark side, and force chokes the Zygerrian Queen to death. He escaped Zygerria, and was found by Natarnic Dartoi, newly renamed Darth Amare.

Master Plan

After being in the Sith order for a few days, he starts to make a master plan to destroy Zygerria, and enslave what's left of it.

What now?

After being saved by a female force sensitive Zygerrian child, Dakon is confused. He hides this however, and takes her on as his apprentice. He is not sure whether he should follow through with his plan anymore.


He pursued a life of anger, pain, and suffering, to gain the power to destroy Zygerria. However, Darth Amare taught him how to love, and he went from being a sociopath, to having too many emotions he didn't know what to do with.



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