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I'm one of the few Mandalorians left, but I don't want to be just a Mandalorian. I need a purpose.
—Daklif Ordo

Daklif Ordo was a Human Mandalorian during the last days of the Galactic Republic. When the Mandalorians became all but extinct following the Battle of Galidraan, Ordo joined the Mandalorian Crusaders, a group of the last remaining Mandalorians, and fought in their nomadic battles. However, when crushed by a defeat, Ordo began to rethink his life and sought a purpose that was more than simply killing and violence. After learning of a terrorist organization called the Nockudumey, he infiltrated it and attempted to learn of its ways so that he would be able to destroy it. During the Clone Wars, Ordo assisted the Galactic Republic, though mostly because a Separatist Commander named Durge sought to destroy all Mandalorians. During the war, he attempted to kill the Nockudumey leader, Bodotor Thuvat, though only before learning of Thuvat's true goals. Thuvat was trying take the Nockudumey back to its founder's original intentions, which did not involve terrorism. Because of this, Daklif assisted him in the Nockudumey Civil Conflict.


Early life

Daklif ravager

Daklif during the Mandalorian Crusades.

Daklif was born to the Clan Ordo on the Mandalorian planet Ordo in 28 BBY, and was trained in the group's warlike ways at a young age. However, he would not have the chance to be further trained by the time of his verd'goten, the age of thirteen in Mandalorian. In 44 BBY, almost all of the Mandalorians, along with Daklif's father, were killed by Jedi in the Battle of Galidraan.[1]

Ordo was forced to stay in hiding on Dantooine. Years later, he managed to regroup with other Mandalorian warriors on a moon of Bodgen where he celebrated his verd'goten. The last remaining Mandalorians then went on crusades against the Galactic Republic and any other large organizations that they could reach. During these crusades, Ordo, now considered to be an adult, proved himself in their nomadic combat.[1]

One such battle he fought in was the Battle of Condular, a battle fought between the Republic and Condular's government which the Mandalorians interfered with. Ordo and his men boarded and sabotaged the Stoic's Joke, the flagship of Condular's governor, while another group boarded a Republic ship. They killed the governor himself on the bridge, as well as any Condular defenders who stood in their way. Before leaving, they set detonators on the ship, followed by the explosion of the main Republic flagship. After the battle, Ordo was given his own squad.[1]

Many times, Ordo was the main reason for the Mandalorian Crusaders' victories. He single-handedly defeated two Jedi, and organized an attack on an ancient Jedi temple on Yavin 4, gaining him a reputation of a ruthless warlord. However, he was not entirely ruthless, as he was sickened to see others, even his own troops, kill for sport.[1]

Another major battle Daklif participated in was the Siege of Dantooine, a battle between Khoonda and the Kaleesh which resulted from misunderstanding. The Crusaders were hired by Kaleesh warlord Qymaen jai Sheelal, which was only a bonus; the Mandalorians were planning to participate, anyway. Ordo conducted the main battle on the ground[1] while Jango Fett raided Khoonda and captured Ludge Ganler, Tarisian Drewton, and Raymus Drewton.[2] The remaining details of the battle are unknown, except that the Republic was victorious.[1]

Though Daklif was doing well, the Mandalorian Crusaders' numbers were beginning to dwindle, and he found himself wondering what purpose all of the violence they had caused was. He began to work more on his own.[1]

Nockudumey infiltration

I have heard of you, Mandalorian. Join us. You will find that our ways are quite similar.
Kazdan Zahn

When learning of the existence of the Nockudumey Terrorists, Ordo travelled solo to the Nockudumey base on Fodurant. Once landing, he was immediately captured by Nockudumey scouts and taken to the base, which was exactly what he wanted to transpire.[1]

After weeks of torture, he was confronted by Nockudumey leader Kazdan Zahn. Zahn began to point out the similarities between the Nockudumey and the Mandalorians, hoping to bring Ordo to his side. Daklif pretended to be gradually swayed by the terrorist's arguments and eventually said—quite untruthfully—that he would join him.[1]

Daklif bountyhunter

Daklif in armor supplied by Jango Fett.

Ordo spent months with the Nockudumey and fought what battles he thought acceptable, while meanwhile learning more of the organization so that he would be able to return to the Crusaders with complete knowledge of how it worked. Bodotor Thuvat, the "Hand" of the Nockudumey, took interest in him and hoped that they would be able to become allies. Though Ordo for the most part pretended to be a confidant of Thuvat, he still began to quite like him and commenting that he would make a good Mandalorian.[1]

When he decided that the time was right, Daklif left the Nockudumey base, though not before stealthily killing important figures that he considered in particular to be threats. However, unfortunately for him, he was unaware of the fact that Kazdan Zahn, who had suspected Ordo's deception, had placed a homing beacon on his ship which allowed the terrorist leader to track him back to the Crusaders' base.[1]

Daklif returned to the Crusaders and took his time to prepare an attack on the Nockudumey base, not expecting an attack from the Nockudumey themselves. By less than a week later, the Nockudumey had completed their preparations and attacked the Crusaders' base, which was almost completely undefended at the time. A huge battle ensued, and while the Mandalorians fought skillfully, many of them died. Eventually the once hopeful Crusaders were forced to retreat.[1]

Once reaching a safe haven, the Mandalorians tended to the wounded, half of which were almost dead already. The group was shrouded in misery. Ordo was even blamed for bringing the Nockudumey to them, but that accusation was soon put down as the Crusaders still had a high trust for him.[1]

Daklif once again found himself wondering what the cause for the killing and violence was. They had achieved much, but in a single battle, everything had come crashing down. He decided to leave the Mandalorian Crusaders and began to seek a purpose in life that was more than that of a simple warrior's.[1]

Leaving the Crusaders

You'll regret this, Ordo. Your ancestor, Canderous, was Madalore the Preserver. If you ever become Mandalore, which you won't, you'll be Mandalore the Deserter.
—A Mandalorian to Daklif

Ordo began to search for Jango Fett, who had been his friend doing the Mandalorian Crusades and had disappeared. He found him on the rainy world of Kamino, where Fett was being used as a template for a Clone Army for the Republic. Daklif found it disgusting, but also thought of it as a new hope for the Mandalorians; there would soon be thousands of them.[1]

Ordo was permitted a meeting with Fett and spoke with him of acquiring new weapons which he would use in his travels. Fett purveyed him with a flamethrower and jetpack, both made by Czerka Corporation, and Ordo in turn provided him with a pair of WESTAR-34 blaster pistol. This increased the trust between the two Mandalorians.[1]

Daklif soon became a simple man trying to make his way in the universe, like Jango.[1] According to himself years later, he flew ships on Dantooine,[3] where he had fought Khoonda with the Kaleesh. He moved from job to job, and later fought against Nockudumey leader Kazdan Zahn once again. Nearly five years later, he was tracked down by a bounty hunter named Durge, who was vengeful against Mandalorians for torturing him for years. They briefly dueled, and Ordo was defeated, saved only because of his flamethrower which had been given to him by Jango Fett. Daklif vowed to protect any Mandalorians against this new threat, and promised himself that one day he would return to the Mandalorian Crusaders.[1]

Daklif 01

Daklif fighting with the Republic.

In 22 BBY, Jango Fett made a deal with Ordo to kill a Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi who was tracking down Fett. Daklif tracked him to Kamino, which was also Jango's location. Ordo was unable to hinder him from meeting Fett, and so Jango took matters into his own hands, fighting the Jedi and leaving the planet.[1]

Ordo still had a part in killing Kenobi, or at least, thought he did. He followed their dogfight to Geonosis, and alerted the Geonosians of the Jedi's arrival. Kenobi was taken into custody and Ordo was rewarded by Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Mandalorian was advised to leave soon as the Geonosians had a dislike for Mandalorians, but to stay for the Jedi's execution.[1]

At the execution, a Jedi force was sent to the planet to hinder the Jedi's executions, but they were not enough against the Separatists' Droid Army. However, Republic Gunships with clone troopers landed in the arena to help the Jedi escape, and Daklif watches as Jango, once his friend, was beheaded by Jedi Master Mace Windu.[4] Ordo was forced to join the conflict, and though he saw a Jedi kill his comrade, he fought for the Republic because of Durge being on the side of the Separatists.[5]

Daklif interrogation

Daklif being interrogated by Kyle Krenis.

Finding information on surviving Mandalorians

I was coming for information of the bounty hunter, Jango Fett.
—Daklif Ordo to ARC troopers[src]

A few months after the Clone Wars started, Ordo arrived on Kamino to find information of Jango Fett, not knowing that the Separatists were attacking at the time. However it was fortunate for him: he most likely would not have normally been allowed into Fett's old apartment.[5]

After breaking through the Separatist blockade, Daklif fought swarms of battle droids in Tipoca City and eventually reached the bounty hunter's apartment. There, he was confronted by clone troopers, as well as elite Advanced Recon Commandos. He explained to them his reasons for being there and helping the Republic. The ARC Commander said he would let him be, but still not completely trusting him, had the young recruits, Tarisian and Raymus Drewton, escort him into Jango apartment room.[5]

Once inside the room, he found a small object which he told Raymus Drewton was only a diary.[5] While it could be called such, it was more specifically a holocron made by Jango saying the location of more surviving Mandalorians which Daklif planned to bring into the Mandalorian Crusaders.[1]

Immediately after the battle, he was taken to Coruscant for questioning. While the clone troopers treated him fairly because he, like them, was a Mandalorian, interrogator Kyle Krenis was no clone and showed little pity. He questioned Ordo of his past, and simply replied that he had flown ships on Dantooine. Upon further questioning, Daklif threatened that he could alter his decision to help with the Republic. Kyle, however, did not continue with hostility, but said that he believed Daklif was a valuable asset in the war, and decided to let him go.[3]

Second battle with the Nockudumey

Daklif Ordo. You have returned.

Months into the war, Daklif had reason to suspect that the Nockudumey Terrorists would capture the Drewtons, which possibly came from Jango Fett's holocron. In order to have a chance at revenge against the terrorists, he put a homing device on Tarisian Drewton's armor, allowing him to follow the captive lieutenant to the Nockudumey base. As he was confronted by the new Nockudumey leader, Bodotor Thuvat, he swore allegiance—once again untruthfully—to the Nockudumey. Though Thuvat knew of Ordo's former deception, he seemed to welcome him appreciatively.[1]

Daklif behindback

Daklif pointing a blaster to Mecupa.

Daklif pretended to be trying to fit into the organization, while secretly planning to free the Drewtons, who were being tested on by Mecupa at the time.[1] Nearly a week later, Ordo, Thuvat, and Dem Nozah confronted Mecupa when he tortured Raymus Drewton against orders. Daklif asked him if he thought torture was a bit too extreme, but Mecupa answered casually that terrorists were much more savage than he might have thought.[6]

When the terrorist announced that he was leaving, Ordo grabbed Dem Nozah and pointed a blaster to his neck, saying that he was going to rid the galaxy of the Nockudumey, starting with Nozah. Bodotor tried to explain to him that the organization was not originally intended to be one of terror, but he could not continue, as Mecupa was still present in the room. Before Daklif could ask him what he meant, Mecupa punched him in the head, knocking him unconscious.[6]

Soon after, when he awoke, Daklif went to Tarisian Drewton's quarters where he found the Republic lieutenant brawling with Mecupa. Though Drewton was shocked to see Ordo, the Mandalorian for the most part ignored him at the time and informed Mecupa that Bodotor Thuvat was making a speech.[7]

Mecupa, Daklif, and many of the Nockudumey terrorists attended Bodotor Thuvat's speech as expected. Thuvat had long been suspicious of Mecupa, but he underestimated him. Unknown to him, Mecupa had recorded his conversation with Tarisian Drewton that revealed his true intentions, and told a CZ droid to reveal it to all the terrorists present. Horrifying them all, Thuvat's voice could be heard stated that he was not actually a terrorist and was only deceiving others in the organization. Acting on reflex, Thuvat blasted the droid while the conversation was playing. That itself was held against him; a battle started between terrorists for Bodotor and those who were against Bodotor.[7]

Daklif did not want to make the possible mistake of having Thuvat killed if he was indeed trying to bring the Nockudumey out of terrorism, and so freed Raymus Drewton, and next, his brother. They then joined the skirmish as soon as they could. While Mecupa approached Dem Nozah, he was stopped by Ordo, who blasted him in the shoulder where he had previously been stabbed. Before Nozah and Ordo could do any more damage to him, blinded by pain, Mecupa lost control of his rage and threw both of them through the air. Ordo was temporarily knocked unconscious and his life was saved only by an attack on Mecupa by Bodotor Thuvat.[7]

It is assumed that Daklif left the planet when the Nockudumey made a full retreat following the arrival of Republic forces.[1]

Personality traits

Actually, I do believe that you are a valuable asset in this war.
Kyle Krenis[src]

Daklif Ordo was a powerful warlord in the Mandalorian Crusades, but was actually far from ruthless. He was an honorable Mandalorian, and reprimanded his troops in the Mandalorian Crusades if they simply killed for sport. When crushed by a defeat, he began to question the purpose for all of the violence and war that were the only things the Mandalorians believed in. He soon decided to leave them, wandering the galaxy and searching for a better purpose.[1]

In the Clone Wars, even the harsh Commander Kyle Krenis believed Daklif to be a valuable asset.[3] On Kamino, Ordo fended off an entire squad of droids by himself.[5]

Behind the scenes


Concept art of Boba Fett by Ralph McQuarrie which was used for Daklif.

Daklif Ordo is portrayed by a figure based on concept art of Boba Fett in The Drewton Legacy. The character is based on Canderous Ordo, an ancestor of Daklif, from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The author thinks of Daklif's voice as a cross between Canderous Ordo's and Jango Fett's voices.

Daklif's backstory was designed for Star Wars Fanon, and as of yet has not been featured in any Drewton Legacy chapters. The author originally planned to have Ordo's identity revealed to be another major character's, but now with a set backstory, this is no longer possible. Daklif Ordo was the first character of the series to receive a backstory exclusive to the Wiki.

Originally, Daklif fought for the Republic with the intent to revive the Mandalorians. In the rewritten backstory, he instead left the last surviving Mandalorians. He is set to have a major role in Turnabout.

Ordo's name is a reference to Canderous Ordo.


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