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Come back here!!"
"You have to run faster, Greer!"
"Got Yea!"
"Oh no!"
"You can't get out of my tickle grip."
"Hahaha...!! STOP IT! Haha...!! I CAN'T TAKE IT! Hahahahaha...!!

—Dak getting tickled to death by his childhood sweetheart Greer, during their early years in Jedi Training.

Dak Jon Davis, or Daky, by his childhood sweetheart and wife Greer, was the son of Evan Jon Davis VI, the grandson of Anakin and Sara Tarkin Jon Davis, the father of Rahm and Rorali Jon Davis, and was a Jedi Knight who fought in the Core Sith Wars and Core Galactic War. During the Sith Extinction War; he was the Supreme Commander of the Grand Army of the Kalastian Republic.


Early life

Jedi Training

Hi there."
"I'm Greer Anagle, what's your name?"
"Dak... Dak Jon Davis."
"You're not shy are you?"
"Um... no?"
"Awwww! Don't worry. I won't hurt you. In fact, you're kind'a cute."
"Sure. (smooch)"
"Thanks, Greer. (smooch)"
"Awww! I think I'll call you Daky.

—Greer and Dak when they first met.

After Dak was born; his mother turned to the dark side, and was soon killed by his father. When Dak was 6 years old, he met Greer Anagle. After meeting each other, Dak and Greer would spend their spare time playing around the Jedi Temple gardens. As they got older, they soon fell in love with each other.

Teen Years

By the Time Dak and Greer were 13, after they were promoted to Padawan; they started dating. Things went up hill for Dak as he then started to think of what he would do to propose to Greer when they become Jedi Knights.

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