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Dak Jesser: True Enemy is the first book in the Dak Jesser series. This series details the adventures of the extraordinary three-armed Human Jedi: Dak Jesser. The first book details Dak’s first important mission: The First Battle of Ris'danon.

Author's summary

“Negotiation has already been attempted. The only way left now is to destroy them all.”

Fear is everywhere on the Mid Rim planet Ris’danon. Heart Legion, the main part of the army of the infamous White Star Pirates, is in orbit of the mountainous planet. Although the fleet has been in orbit for three months with no sign of action, the citizens of Ris’danon can sense that this will not be so for much longer.

Dak Jesser, after winning a difficult Jedi Apprentice tournament in which he was forced to fight his best friend, has been sent to the planet to protect the people. Battle droids of all kinds imaginable, and many expertly-trained pirates, led by legendary fallen Jedi Orion Forte await the young 16-year-old Padawan, but with how strong Dak really is, it isn’t an impossible task. However, the pirate army is certainly not the worst thing Dak has to worry about.

Hiding in the shadows, the leader of the Hidden Sith Army, Darth Subeth, is preparing to reveal his army to the galaxy at large. Darth Subeth’s power is amazing, for nearly every day, for the last twenty-five years since he left the Jedi, he has been training many hours, honing his Force skill to its maximum. Whether or not Dak Jesser is strong enough to stop this Sith Lord has yet to be seen.

Dak joins up with Brown Squadron, an elite group of commandos in the Army of Ris’danon. Together, they embark on a near-suicidal mission that takes them deep into the heart of the enemy fleet. They eventually come to the bridge of the White Star, Orion’s personal ship, and only then does Brown Squadron finally realize who their true enemy is…




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