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The Dai Bendu, also called the Holy Order of the Bendu, was an ancient and legendary organization of monks who studied The Force during the Early Hyperspace Age. The order originated in the snowy Andobi Mountains on the ice-locked world of Thape, in the Mid Rim. A vast majority of the Dai Bendu were of the Talid species, who originated on Thape. In the year 36,458 BNR, a group of Talid monks discovered ancient starships, predating that of even the Infinite Empire which had ruled the galaxy for several millennia.

These strange constructs, dubbed the Tho Yor, were activated by the Talid monks, and left Thape. Once the first one had been activated, over two dozen Tho Yor ships rose from the snow and ice and spread across the galaxy, gathering individuals sensitive to the Force. A majority of the Dai Bendu took to the first Tho Yor ship, which took them to a terrestrial world in the Deep Core, Tython.

Those Dai Bendu would help train other Force-sensitives brought there by the Tho Yor, dubbing them "mystic centers", or Je'daii. The Dai Bendu, remaining faithful to their original teachings, eventually left for the world Kalimahr, within the same system as Tython.

On Kalimahr, the Dai Bendu established new temples within its valleys and mountain ranges, and eventually began to utilize hyperspace technology. The Dai Bendu of Kalimahr would eventually splinter off into the Kali Bendu, and immediately began to communicate with the fledgling Je'daii Order. On Thape, the Dai Bendu began to record their findings and kept them within the Sulu Koro, meaning "deep mountain." The Dai Bendu would eventually go extinct, but the Sulu Koro remained hidden on Thape, which had since been renamed to Ando Prime by the Aqualish.




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