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Dagmar Morlev was a Human male who was born on Dantooine in the year 43 BBY.


Dagmar was as orphan since shortly after his birth, so he never knew his parents. After reaching adulthood he became a physician, living a quiet life in the city of Dantoor on Dantooine after marrying. His life remained quiet until the Clone Wars, when the city was destroyed by Confederate forces. Although Dagmar himself was not present and survived, his wife was killed in the attack. Following a month-long period of depression, he ended his life as a physician and eventually became an officer in the Grand Army of the Republic, despising the brutality of the Confederacy that he saw on Dantooine. When the Clone Wars ended and the Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, Dagmar continued to serve as an officer. However, shortly after witnessing atrocities committed by the Empire such as the Ghorman Massacre, Dagmar left Imperial service, resigning against Imperial regulation.

He then traveled to Dac, one of the few planets which were known to be under the control of the Rebel Alliance. There, Dagmar joined the Rebellion. Not long after, he distinguished himself as a competent soldier, ascending the Alliance's ranks. For the first two years of the Galactic Civil War, he was chosen to direct a special insurgency group stationed in the Corellian sector, holding ranks in both space and ground forces. After demonstrating impressive strategic capabilities in the Corellia sector, he retained his naval and army ranks. Dagmar was a veteran of many battles throughout the Galactic Civil War, personally commanding a flotilla of Assault Frigates at the Battle of Endor. Afterward, he was promoted to that of a fleet Admiral and continued serving the New Republic. After the death of Admiral Ackbar in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Carida, Dagmar filled his position as Supreme Commander of the Republic fleet.

Dagmar led the New Republic Fleet to victory against Lord Randal, ending the warlord's campaign. After Randal's death, the New Republic was forced to pull back the majority of its fleets into the Core Worlds to capture numerous planets and sectors which were still under Imperial Remnant control. It took the Republic, under Morlev's leadership, almost four years to completely pacify its own territory. In the meantime, the Outer Rim Territories were left vulnerable, a critical weakness which the Dark Order of Korr and its successor, the Greater Sith Empire, exploited during the Dark Order War.

Personality and traits

Dagmar was passionately spiteful toward the Galactic Empire and Imperial Remnant, serving the New Republic with all of his skill and dedication in order to purge Imperial influence from the galaxy. He was not particularly fond of extremely large and powerful warships such as the Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts, viewing them as wastes of military resources in comparison to more conventional forces. As such, his flagship was a standard MC80 Liberty-class Star Cruiser, known as the Mandate of the People. When the Liberty-class cruiser was being repaired in between campaigns, he frequently used the carrier vessel Fiery Dawn as a replacement.

Behind the scenes

Dagmar Morlev was a character created by MPK's brother in an RPG entitled "Empire's Bane". His name and backstory is used with full permission.

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