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I rotted away in the dark of a dungeon while the Jedi were crushed beneath the boot of the Empire.
—Daenard Salec

Daenard Salec was a male Chiss Jedi Knight who survived the Great Jedi Purge and launched an onslaught on the Empire itself. Unlike most Chiss, Daenard did not have a more extensive, traditional Chiss name, he was separated from his family early in his life.


Jedi training

Daenard Salec's early life is shrouded in mystery. He came to Republic space and was quickly adopted by the Jedi for his obvious strength in the force. He gained the rank of Jedi Padawan at only the age of six, in the same year he was taken in by the Jedi.

Daenard trained under the somewhat mysterious Jedi Master Muo Tiae for close to ten years before being promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight. He went on many missions for the Jedi Order, including several to the unknown regions. Daenard had several visions through the force of his family who had disappeared after his adoption by the Jedi. He felt that his family was located on one of the planets he and his master visited on their missions to the unknown regions, a planet know as Keerjjal. On one of their missions to this planet Daenard felt that he must find his family, now that he was strong enough in the force. His master felt the confusion within the young Jedi's mind, and warned him that those emotions can lead to the dark side. Daenard was unable to find his family, and soon he could not feel their presence anymore. He felt it was his master's fault that he didn't find his family when he had the chance. The entire order felt the resentment he had towards his master, and when he came back from a mission to the unknown regions without his master, and reported that he had been killed, the order suspected the student of murdering Muo Tiae. Daenard tried to defend himself and his honor, but the order would not have it.


The Jedi High Counsel sentenced Daenard to exile from the Jedi Order for the supposed murder of Jedi Master Muo Tiae. Although Daenard constantly defended himself from the allegations of the High Counsel. He was sent away from the Academy at Coruscant. During his exile he spent much time on the planet Keerjjal searching for and memory of his family. None was found. Later during his exile he went in search of what really happened to his master. while searching for his master he found a large crystal cave on Keerjjal and used powerful Force-sensitive crystals he found there to construct a new lightsaber, since his old one had been stripped away by the Jedi Order. Eventually he discovered that his master might not really be dead. He got this information from a young smuggler named Kalord who said he had seen a mysterious sentient, one who matched the description of Daenard's old master. Daenard hired the young smuggler to help him search for his old master, and soon they set off in the smuggler's ship, the Trinock.

Finding Muo Tiae

Daenard and Kalord set off in search of Muo Tiae. After nearly a year of searching they found his old master, and Daenard confronted him in a fearsome lightsaber dual. After a long fight Muo was defeated, and Daenard was able to convince him to turn back to the light side before his death from mortal injuries obtained during the battle.

Daenard's rebellion

By the time he tried to tell the Jedi Counsel of his innocence, they had already been destroyed, for the most part, by the Great Jedi Purge. as soon as he returned to Coruscant he was attacked by several imperials and was forced to quickly leave the system with the help of his now close friend Kalord. They narrowly escaped Coruscant aboard the Trinock and made their way back to the enslaved world of Keerjjal. There they began to liberate the enslaved Chiss and start a small rebellion of their own. Daenard became a figurehead of defiance of the evil Empire, and he single-handedly started a revolution that would free many of the outer rim worlds from the clutches of the Empire.

The Exiled

The Exiled was a group of freed slaves that were held by the Empire but freed by Daenard. Daenard and Kalord along with several other important figures, such as Oklan Ryder, a Jedi Knight who was one of Daenard's close friends when he was still a part of the order. He helped the small rebellion that sought to overthrow Imperial rule in the outer rim. The Exiled started their campeign against the Empire on Keerjjal, which became the capital for their efforts.

The Liberation of Keerjjal

The Liberation of Keerjjal was a massive battle taking place on Daenard's homeworld between The Exiled and the Empire. Daenard, Kalord and Oklan Ryder lead a force of nearly three thousand soldiers on the capital of Keerjjal. They were able to beat the Empire's forces, and retain the world as a capital for their cause.

New allies and new enemies

After The Liberation of Keerjjal Daenard and Kalord took the Trinock to more of the outer rim worlds, trying to recruit followers to overthrow the Empire's reign on the outer rim. they found only a couple people, but one was a powerful once-Jedi known as Ridar Nin'tu. They took the ship back to Keerjjal, but were followed by a Dark Disciple known as Darth Salis, the same Sith disciple who killed Oklan Ryder's master. Ridar Nin'tu explained that he had taught Salis the ways of the Force several years before, and his student had turned on him, he told Daenard that he was powerful, and would be hard to defeat. Daenard, along with the rest of his crew, fled from the Sith disciple and back to the capital. there they continued to strengthen their forces in a hope to attack one of the closer Imperial held worlds known as Seerkull, which was Kalord's homeworld and a world rich in mercenaries. they hoped to gain many allies by liberating this world.

Shelling of Nu'untuar

The city of Nu’untuar was a devastating but necessary move for Daenard and The Exiled. The planet it was on, Seerkull, was gripped tightly by the Empire and Daenard had to raze the capital to leave the surprised Imperials at a disadvantage. Even with a new gained advantage over the Imperials stationed on Seerkull, The Exiled suffered heavy loss, but in contrast, the group gained the planet and all of its mercenary occupants to fight on their side of the rebellion, thus increasing the size of The Exiled almost four-fold. Daenard often wondered if he had done the right thing by destroying the Capital city, but he knew that if they were to win this new war they would have the sacrifice many things.

Seerkull mercs and the Ssi-Ruuk

After The Exiled liberated Seerkull, they gained the allegiance of many people, including the battle hardened mercenaries of Seerkull, who eventually became the core of The Exiled's army, and the tall, ferocious reptilian Ssi-Ruuk from an unknown world past the rim. These two powerful allies helped The Exiled and Daenard in the quest to take out the Empire's lethal hold on the rim worlds.

Second Battle of Keerjjal

After gaining the allegiance of these two powerful allies, the Empire decided to take action against Daenard and his rebellion, sending three star destroyers and one super star destroyer, The Resolver.

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