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The Dac Campaign was a series of battles and skirmishes on the planet Dac during the Galactic Civil War.


Jedi Masters Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, and Mace Windu went on a mission to arrest Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was suspected of being a Sith Lord. Kolar and Tiin fell to the Sith's blade, and Fisto also sustained a stomach wound. Fisto managed to heal himself of this wound, however, he knew he was in no condition to fight. Leaving Master Windu to his own devices, Fisto fled the scene of the duel. Returning to his home planet of Glee Anselm, Fisto realized that the time of the Jedi had come to an end; he would have to blend in just to survive. He took a wife, Tatli, from among his people, and settled down. However, his powerful Force presence brought the Empire to Glee Anselm; Kit and Tatli fled the planet for Dac, where the collective Force presences of the Amphi-Hydrus, Moappa, and Knowledge Bank would serve to hide him. While traveling, Tatli revealed to Fisto that she was carrying a child.

Years later, the Mon Calamari people joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Fisto's child, a son named Dyl, had reached the age of twelve. The elder Fisto, seeing the Force potential in the boy, took him out into the aquatic wilderness of Dac to train. They had been living in a small cave in the wilderness for over a year when Imperial forces, under the command of the Miraluka Inquisitor Jerec, invaded Dac. Blockading the planet, they sent down TIE bombers at the floating cities and landing craft with aquatic vehicles for the rest of the population. Fisto and his son witnessed the landing of several vehicles, which turned their attention towards Aqu Town, where Tatli lived.

The first skirmish

Kit gave his lightsaber to his son, and told him to make for the town. He then brandished his Force-powers, downing several of the vehicles. Dyl was less than half a kilometer away from Aqu Town when the sudden cessation of life in his father ripped through the Force. The pain of this loss, which he had been untrained to endure, broke consciousness from his grasp. He fell down a cliff into a sea valley, which would save his life from the coming terror.

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