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Some Jedi were tired of not being able to have passion but did not want to be a monster for the Sith, thus the DL order began: Philip Clapper


The birth

Jake Brock, a very successful Jedi in the Pre-Gray Wars against the Sith. For three long years a war against the Sith waged destruction and chaos on the planet Gray Prime. Unknown to the Jedi Grand Master, Brock signed a treaty with the Sith creating a new Force sensitive order called the DL Order that followed the path of the gray side.

Tyler Clapper, a youngling during the Pre-Gray Wars turned to the Sith and told the Grand Master our secret order, Philip wound up fighting the Grand Master and Tyler at the same time. It was an all out force side conflict no one could win. The Gray Jedi went into hiding and Tyler abandon the order coming to Adam Brock's side of the Sith, together the two staged plots to destroy the DLs, all of the failed. Now the DLs are scattered in an unknown galaxy on a planet called earth.

Notable Members: Philip Clapper, Jake Brock, Logon Cross, Evan Clapper and Tyler Clapper.

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