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Sneaking onto a dreadnought full of bounty hunters, imperial agents and sith. What could possibly go wrong?!
—Cyrad Teivel[src]

Cyrad Teivel was a Human male smuggler who became a privateer for the Galactic Republic during their war against the Sith Empire. He hailed from Corulag and became a lieutenant of the Hutt crime lord Uuttesh during the Cold War. After the Battle of Uuttesh's Palace, Cyrad abandoned the Hutt Cartel in favor of serving the Galactic Republic as an agent of the Republic Strategic Information Service.


Early lifeEdit

A human male from Corulag, Cyrad Teivel was born 3,671 years before the Battle of Yavin. He spent most of his early years living on the streets of Crullov City. As an adolescence, Cyrad worked for various criminal syndicates that ran the underworld of Crullov. During this time, Cyrad aspired to see the galaxy beyond his homeworld and the criminal syndicates that ran it. As he got older, he pursued to become a pilot, spending much of his time teaching himself how to fly using the starships he stole from the Crullov Engineering Corporation.

Hutt Cartel careerEdit

Battle of Uuttesh's PalaceEdit

Galactic Republic serviceEdit

Capturing EzuwvEdit

Ambush on TatooineEdit

Infiltrating the DominusEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Intelligent, flirtatious, and often times humorous in the face of threat, Cyrad was always able to get out of a situation, either through charm or blasters. Cyrad was willing to take most jobs in the name of credits yet never turned against the Republic, even if they caused trouble for it's members at times.

The privateer also made use's of scatter gun, stealth belt, dual wielding blaster pistol's, flash bang's even a groin kick which they use of their survival.

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