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Cybe Vehicle Works, often branded as CVW, was a subsidiary of Cybe Drives established prior to 4 ABY. The subsidiary focused primarily on the production of tank and walker models. Prominent products included the All Terrain Command Enforcer and the All Terrain Shock Enforcer for the Imperial Army.

Following the battle of Endor, many of its products were fielded by Imperial warlords, predominantly the Aradan Union. The Union's successor also made extensive use of CVW-developed vehicles.

By the time of the Infinity War, many products of the CVW series were in use by Dark Reach, the Federation of Free Planets and the Imperial Confederation.


Initial establishment

The Cybe Drives subsidiary Cybe Vehicle Works was established prior to 4 ABY by the Cybe Drives Executive Board as a result of the Directive Board's expansion plans. The company was planned to focus primarily on ground vehicles, and one of its first products was the All Terrain Shock Enforcer, a walker of the All Terrain series. This walker was successfully sold to the Galactic Empire and used by the Imperial Army.

The All Terrain Shock Enforcer paved the way for Cybe Vehicle Works' next innovation, the All Terrain Command Enforcer, a heavy walker intended as mobile command center. The Command Enforcer was sold to the Empire in smaller numbers but nevertheless proved a successful development.


After the battle of Endor, most of Cybe Vehicle Works' products fell into the hands of the numerous Imperial warlords vying for control. However, as Cybe fell under the influence of the Aradan Union, a splinter regime established on Aradan by admiral Norven Loyaler, Cybe Vehicle Works, as part of an agreement between Cybe Drives and Aradan, sold exclusively to the warlord faction, supplying the Aradani Armed Forces with the majority of its war assets. In addition, Cybe Vehicle Works developed a heavier variant of the Shock Enforcer, called the All Terrain Heavy Shock Enforcer.

Following the Union's fall, Cybe Vehicle Works, much like its parent company, resumed development for the greater galaxy.

Later history

Around 140 ABY, Cybe's naming standards changed, instead using the suffix "CVW", followed by a number.

Later on, as part of an exclusive deal with the Federation of Free Planets, Cybe Vehicle Works was tasked with manufacturing the CVW-13A drop pod, and, later on, a vehicle-carrying version, the CVW-13B drop pod. They also manufactured a highly successful shuttle during the era, the CVW-220 dropship, among other vehicles.

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