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Cybe was a planet located in the Cybe system, which was in the Cybe sector, in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was discovered prior to the Great Galactic War and became a stern supporter of the Galactic Republic. Around 3,100 BBY, Cybe became a part of the Kingdom of Aradan. The planet was the headquarters of Cybe Drives.

Prior to the Clone Wars, Cybe set up the Cybe Sector Defense Forces, primarily to combat piracy, not believing in the Aradani Royal Military Forces. When the kingdom of Aradan was disbanded in 18 BBY, Cybe became the premier protector of the Cybe sector. At this time, Cybe became an Imperial planet.

In 4 ABY, Cybe became a part of the Aradan Union, a break-away warlord faction set up by Norven Loyaler. Cybe Drives instead produced starships for the warlord faction. After the fall of the Aradan Union, Cybe became part of the new government, the Aradan Sectorate, and was placed in charge of the manufacture of defence forces.

When the Infinity War began, over a hundred years later, Cybe and Cybe Drives came into conflict with each other, as Cybe Drives supported the Federation of Free Planets, while Cybe itself supported the Aradan Union. The issue was eventually settled with the battles of Cybe and Aradan.


Discovery and settlement

Cybe was discovered long prior to the Great Galactic War. The planet was settled by humans hailing from the Core Worlds and members of the Galactic Republic. Cybe became a stern supporter of the Republic and was a member planet by the time of the Galactic War. Cybe Drives, the orbiting shipyards constructed shortly after its settlement, manufactured a number of ships for the Republic Navy.

A few hundred years after, the Kingdom of Aradan was established and Cybe became a part of the kingdom. Much like Cybe Drives however, Cybe remained a fervent supporter of the Republic.

Great Peace and the Clone Wars

Prior to 35 BBY, the Cybe Sector Defense Forces were established, initially in order to counter piracy, however as time progressed, the Sector Defense Forces became a rival to the Aradani Royal Navy. It was primarily funded by Cybe Drives.

At some point before joining the Republic, Cybe founded a colony on a planet in the Mid Rim, renaming the planet to Ciera Major. As the colony was not a part of the Cybe sector, the Cybe Sector Defense Forces did not operate there. Instead, the colony hired a contractor to provide security.

Cybe rejoined the Republic in 35 BBY, with the rest of the Cybe sector. Cybe Drives recommenced starship development for the Republic as a result. The Aradani Royal Navy was disbanded and the Sector Defense Forces became the sole defence force. The fleet was made available to the Republic shortly before the Clone Wars began.

In 19 BBY, the planet was under attack by the Confederacy of Independent Systems but was successfully held by the Republic Navy.

Dark Times the Galactic Civil War

Upon the declaration of a New Order, Cybe became an Imperial planet, much like the rest of the sector.

While there was resistance against the Imperial occupation, the Cyber Resistance would never grow large enough to challenge the Empire.

As Cybe became an Imperial planet, the Cybe Drives Orbital Shipyards became available to them, and Cybe Drives began the manufacture of Imperial warships, most notably the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

After Endor

Cybe was occupied by the Aradan Union shortly after the battle of Endor and Cybe Drives instead produced ships for them.

However, when the Aradan Union fled from the Cybe sector, Cybe became one of the founding members of the Aradan Sectorate, the government established by Jevron Loyaler on Aradan. Cybe was in charge of the Sectorate's navy, primarily supplied by Cybe Drives.

Infinity War

Over a hundred years later, Cybe was still a part of the Aradan Sectorate, and was dragged into a war against the Federation of Free Planets. While Cybe remained loyal to the Sectorate, Cybe Drives refused to manufacture ships for the Sectorate, crippling ship production for both, the Sectorate and the Federation, as Cybe Drives wished to produce for the Federation.

The issue was resolved with the siege of Cybe and the later strike at Aradan, when Cybe was liberated by the Federation and the Aradan Sectorate was destroyed.


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