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The Crusader was the flagship of Gray Jedi Master Karr Shadeez. He used the ship in his decades-long campaign against the Sith factions during the New Sith Wars. Additionally, Shadeez trained the majority of his Jedi disciples aboard. Because Shadeez was a Kel Dor, he had the Crusader outfitted with a sealed meditation chamber flooded with helium and dorin gas, allowing him to breathe without his antiox breath mask.

Shadeez took the Crusader to Gizer in 1,389 BBY for his meeting with Admiral Herqilius Arstyn. It fought in the subsequent Battle of Gizer under Arlya Kesk's command, but was forced to retreat in the face of Darth Saleej's war fleet.

In the second half of 1,387 BBY, the Crusader was sighted engaging Sith forces in the Outer Rim. It had tangled with the forces of Valin Aresh by the end of the year as well.


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