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Thank you for expanding our undefended borders.
—Crax to Namn'ic'komi.

Crax Salueís was a Male Predecessor of the Predecessor Empire. Crax was part of the Salueís family.


War of the Galaxies

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Crax Salueís was the supreme admiral of the Predecessor Empire during the War of the Galaxies. He served during the Conflict of the Third Rim.

First Predecessor-Yuuzhan Vong War

Crax fought the Yuuzhan Vong during the First Predecessor-Yuuzhan Vong War. He eventually joined Crank Salueís during the defense of their homeworld, but lost despite of this.

Second Predecessor-Yuuzhan Vong War

Crax joined the second Predecessor-Yuuzhan Vong war in honor of the Predecessor Empire, compensating for their fatal defeat during the first war. Crax would be sent to meet with the Chiss, whom joined the war on the side of the Predecessors.

Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance War

Battle of Dac

Crax Salueís would lead forces of the Predecessor Empire agianst the forces of the Galactic Alliance, together with the Imperial Remnant led by Norven Loyaler. Crax Salueís and Norven Loyale rwould emerge victory over the Galactic Alliance, annexing Dac.

Battle of Infamous Fallen

Crax Salueís would lead the Predecessor forces again during the Battle of Infamous Fallen against the Galactic Alliance, led by Nick Talon, and later, the Hutts, led by Esa Mulita, which was hired to defend the planet, but would however fail, being outnumbered against both sides.

Storm over Coruscant

He would engage in a joint operation with his allies against the Galactic Alliance during the Storm over Coruscant. Crax would, together with Monuatir, enter the battle last against the Galactic Alliance for a surprise assault against them.

Battle of Yavin IV

Crax would eventually lead the Predecessors against the new capital of the Galactic Alliance. Together with the Triumvirate, the Remnant and Chiss forces, he would annex Yavin IV for the Imperial Alliance.

Battle of the Rings of the Battle Plane

Crax's semi-final battle would be the Battle of the Rings of the Battle Plane, leading the Predecessors to a semi-final victory in the Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance War, with his allies.

Infinity War

Unlike his counterpart, Crank Salueís, Crax was still active during the Infinity War. He had in fact been promoted to Final Admiral, one of the highest military ranks in the Predecessor Navy. He, along with various other Predecessor commanders and admirals, broke the blockade of Isolum.


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