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Councilor was a powerful user of the Force, who was possessed of several arcane techniques of that mysterious energy, including teleportation. He was a guardian of the balance and cared for bringing peace between a variety of fractions present across the galaxy, e.g. putting councils of Aoe into an union and standing in charge of the newly proclaimed Empire of Councils. In the New Republic times, the man unsuccessfully endeavored to persuade Shmi Skywalker not to resuscitate the deceased Sith lords with the reviving elixir, and thus sustain Darth Bane's Rule of Two, established in the ancient times. Over the following years, he instructed Luke Skywalker, introducing him to every single step he needed to take so long as to obtain the Prime Lightsaber. Once the artifact ended up held in a masked enemy's hands, who would soon turn out to be Mace Windu, Councilor saved the last Jedi's life, and in 21 ABY, due to his teleportation skills, he helped Lando Calrissian to contact Luke Skywalker and make him arrive upon the planet of Tismor in order to save his friends, kidnapped by Snoke's forces. It was the same day evening that he participated in Leia Windu's funeral on the deser Jakku.

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