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Counciler was a strong user of the Force, who possessed knowledge upon many forgotten ways of that mystical energy, including teleportation. He was a guardian of the balance who aimed to bring peace between a variety of organizations present across the galaxy, inter alia by unifying the councils of Aoe and standing in charge of the new-proclaimed Empire of Councils. At the New Republic time, the man pointlessly strove to persuade Shmi Skywalker not resurrect the dead Sith lords using a reviving elixir, in order to uphold Darth Bane's doctrine, established in the ancient times, as a result. Over the following years, he instructed Luke Skywalker by telling him what to do in order to retrieve the Prime Lightsaber. Once the artifact found itself in the then-disguised Mace Windu, Counciler saved the last Jedi's life, standing in a duel with the adversary on Endor. He ultimately survived the explosion of that place's temple and in 21 ABY, as he wielded the skill of teleportation, aided Lando Calrissian to contact Luke Skywalker, in a way so that he arrived upon the planet of Tismor in order to help his friends, taken captive by Snoke's forces. It was still the same day in the evening that he participated Leia Windu's funeral on Jakku.

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