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Counciler was a powerful Force-sensitive humanoid who knew a lot of forgotten abilities of the mystical energy, such as teleportation. He considered himself to be the guardian of balance trying to bring peace between organizations conflicted to each other, for instance by uniting the Councils of Aoe and founding the Empire of the Councils. In the times of the New Republic government the man unsuccessfully tried to persuade Shmi Skywalker, who had found the reviving elixir, not to revive some of late Sith Lords, which was supposed to cause respecting the Rule of Two. Following years he was instructing Luke Skywalker to find the prime lightsaber. But when the artifact was taken over by an unknown Force user, Counciler saved Skywalker's life by fighting the enemy, and finally, together with them, he lost in the explosion of the Endor Jedi temple.

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