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Cotati's Blueprints was a company owned by Cotati and based on Alderaan. The company's office building was north of the Thranta Region. They made holo-blueprints for speeders, submersibles, and other land-based vehicles.


Cotati ran the successful company. But in 42 BBY, CarbonEye robbed the place and stole some plans for submersibles.

Then a team of MI5 agents were sent to the office building to investigate the thefts. There, the agents had a run-in with CarbonEye's goon Draco Gant. A battle ensued, resulting in the building being demolished. Luckily, Cotati and his secretary were able to escape with their lives.

Five years later, after having rebuilt the destroyed office building, MI5 operative Jace Bont ran his speeder directly through the building while he was chasing the murderer Bozak, thus damaging the structure again.


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