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Golden Age of the Republic

Cos Peradhi was a Human male who was the long-time as Senator from Corellia. He was a political rival of Anwis Eddicus and ran against him for Supreme Chancellor. Their rivalry, however, went back further, as Eddicus challenged Peradhi and his corruption-driven circles when he was a newly-selected senator from Tanaab. Peradhi resented the investigation and used his position as the leader of the Core Power Alliance faction to attempt a series of bills in conjunction with the Commerce Guild to concentrate power and financing in the Core worlds. The measures failed, leading to further investigations and humiliation. Peradhi quietly went about his business for a couple of years before running for Supreme Chancellor. Following his defeat there, he worked diligently to up-end Eddicus's administration. His connections to the conspirators in the Seswenna Security Crisis eventually came to the fore, implicating the Corellian once again in a conspiracy.


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