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Corwin Rendar was a nightclub operator in Coronet, as well as the husband of Jeyna Rendar and the father of Kit Corwin Rendar and Laili Jeyna Rendar. When he was nineteen years old, Corwin opened a nightclub in downtown Coronet and began to attract many rich and powerful customers, allowing him to become socially acquainted with many in the upper Corellian class. This led to him becoming very successful and he was able to build what he felt was a respectable fortune to support him and his family. He met Jeyna Rendar shortly after he opened the nightclub, and the two later had a son whom they named Kit Corwin Rendar, Jeyna having chosen Corwin's first name as Kit's middle name. Years later, Jeyna became pregnant again, this time with a girl that they decided to name Laili Jeyna Rendar. This time Corwin chose Laili's middle name for her mother like she had with Kit.

When Jeyna was seven months pregnant with Laili, she and Corwin were returning from a medical exam at the hospital in Coronet, which is where they lived, when they were in a five-speeder crash with other drivers, including Jedi Master Brarh Kefle who, along with his nine year old apprentice Ussej Padric Bac, was still in hiding from the Sith Empire. Also nearby was Stavan Jetzt, who rushed Corwin and Jeyna to the hospital where they both died, though Laili was born prematurely and saved.


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