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The Corvantine Imperial Dockyards was a shipbuilding company based in the Inner Rim Territories, in orbit of the planet Corvantine. It originated as the builder of ships for the planet's security forces before signing contracts with the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars due to the increased need for warships. That event began its expansion and the selling of ships to other galactic governments. The Imperial Dockyards established a reputation for building smaller vessels, particularly of the destroyer and cruiser classes, which were considered effective by Galactic Republic naval officers. Thus it later signed contracts with the Galactic Empire to construct similar vessels for the new Imperial Navy, although it never rose anywhere near the same level of prominence and activity during the Emperor's reign that the larger companies like Kuat and Fondor did.

Nonetheless, the Corvantine Imperial Dockyards produced multiple models which were used by the Empire, most notably the Prince of Coruscant-class light cruiser. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Navy was its primary customer. The company continued to folow its longtime traditional policy of naming vessels after great or well known leaders throughout its time as a Republic and Imperial contractor.