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It's chaos down there. The Senate won't help, the Jedi have their hands tied while the Constabulary can't maintain order with gangs fighting each other and the Exchange fighting itself.
Myros Bekkal

The Coruscanti Gang War was a conflict during the late Great Galactic War and one of the most violent and brutal examples of gang warfare on Coruscant. The war was a violent power struggle between dissident factions of the Exchange criminal syndicate, led by the Compeer - the de jure ruler of the Exchange and his rebellious underboss Ukabi, respectively. Thrown in the mix were the Coruscant law enforcement, composed of the Coruscant Security Force and the Republic Strategic Information Service, who struggled to maintain order while still combating the ongoing Sith incursions in the Galactic Republic.

The war was started by Myros Bekkal - a master manipulator and con artist - on the orders of Imperial Intelligence in order to sow chaos and disorder as a prelude to the planned invasion of Coruscant. However, Bekkal, who played all sides in the war, began the conflict as a means to seize control of the criminal circuit. Turning the Exchange against each other allowed him to pick up the pieces, while claiming political and legal immunity due to his position within the SIS.

The war paved the way for the rise of the Shadow League, led by Bekkal's former protegé Dorne Teague. The Shadow League would become the galaxy's biggest and most notorious criminal syndicate, composed of disenfranchised SIS operatives - who felt betrayed after discovering Bekkal's true allegiance - and former Black Sun members led by the crime lord Mors Altan, who held a lucrative arms business until they were driven from Coruscant thanks to Bekkal and Teague's combined efforts a year earlier, allowing the Exchange to take over.

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