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This is a war with no precedent at all. You do anything wrong, it may cost you everything—
—Severus Scrimgeour, immediately before an explosion ended his life

The Coruscant Civil War, also known as the Sadistic Conflict of Galactic City, and The Ghost Uprising, was a conflict in the galactic capital of Coruscant, a few months after the end of the Technological War. A sadistic serial killer, known only as "The Ghost" began doing terrorist attacks throughout the Imperial Center, and had the population totally scared. Emperor Palpatine, in the middle of a crisis, called military executor Darth Vader to fight against terrorism, alongside the Comissioner Hugo Dumas Brandon and Mayor Dominique Hans. However, ubeknownst to the Empire, The Ghost's most dangerous followers were released, and their number was much larger than the original thought.

In a police parade on Galactic City, Hans made a public speech, but was murdered by The Ghost, during a terrorist attack. Many other skirmishes took place, in less than three months, including the Destruction of the Major Plaza Monument, and finally, the Judge that dictated death warrant to most of The Ghost's followers, Severus Scrimgeour, was killed as well. However, The Ghost was apprehended during the battle on the Bamp Thoud residence. The real name of the terrorist was never known, some people confirmed he was a clone trooper that survived the Clone Wars and had got mad, and some other said he was a fugitive from Coruscant Asylum.

Finally, he was sentenced to death in the opening cranial chamber, and killed. Nobody, ever knew his identity.

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