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The Coruscant Campaign was the official beginning of the Sith'Syr war. Planned by Grand Moff Leksix, it mimicked Admiral Finir'Uno's route to Coruscant. Darth Ly'y'gas questioned this, but Leksix took no notice.

The Sith imperial fleet attacked out from bastion in very much a straight line to Coruscant, with easy victories. However whilst the fleet waited for the splinter ships they had sent out to capture Luke and Leia with, Leksix attacked Ruan with heavy casualties, which made the Sith doubt the Imperials.

The fleet reached Coruscant where admiral Feryn was mustering a defense. However, Ly'y'gas ordered attacks on Caamas and Empress Teta which Feryn was forced to defend.

Finally they attacked Coruscant. The casualties where heavy on both sides, but the imperials, with help from rebel civilians, took the planet and instated Xakia as the emperor. Leksix was killed in the attack.

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