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What came to be known as the Coruscant Bombings was masterminded by an assassin named Adder, and was meant to throw the anti-terrorist organization, the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, into chaos.


When the assassin named Adder was hired by Digika to assassinate Queen Teresaa of Naboo in 42 BBY, his blaster bolt had missed it's target...and that's when all hell broke loose for Adder.

Having missed, he was forced to flee the scene when the Intelligence Service (also known as MI5) revealed themselves and did everything they could to protect the Queen. When he reported this back to Digika, Adder was ordered to rescue one of MI5's captives, another assassin named Pots Putnyocus.

Adder managed to successfully infiltrate MI5's defenses and get Pots out of his holding cell. But while they made their escape through the hidden underworld of Theed, MI5 agents were able to subdue Pots but allowed Adder to escape.

Missing the Queen and losing Pots really hit Adder hard. That was the only time he had ever failed at anything. Furious with MI5, he began rounding up other assassins to form a team to fight back and get revenge against MI5. They became known as Team Blood Trinity.

They faced MI5 once again just outside of Theed, and two of Adder's team members were killed by MI5 agents. Adder and what was left of his team went into hiding to form a new plan.

The BombingsEdit

After about a month in hiding, Team Blood Trinity had set missile to fire on different locations throughout the main part of the city on Coruscant. And just as MI5 had set out on their next mission, they launched the missiles simultaneously.

The missiles had hit the Senate Building, Glitannai Esplanade, Skydome Botanical Gardens, Coruscant Opera House, Westport, a portion of Sublevel 1 under Galactic City, and MI5 Headquarters. The highly coordinated attack threw parts of Coruscant into chaos and left the local authorities scrambling. MI5, Meerian Vice, and INTERPOL, as well as the local Coruscant Security Force, all rushed to help the injured.


Since MI5 had most of its agents off-world, and it's Headquarters was damaged, they were unable to follow up on Team Blood Trinity, who the media deemed as the "Coruscant Bombers", before they escaped off the planet.

But, after a short while and an in-depth investigation, MI5 did eventually track Adder's team to Mytus VII, where a fierce battle ensued. Adder had fallen, and Team Blood Trinity was broken.

Behind the scenesEdit

This was a major event in the history of MI5 in the Star Wars... 007 Style series. These events took place in the role playing game CarbonEye, and were created by Imperial Hammer.