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Well, let's just say I was a strapping young lad with a full head of hair, and Coruscant was a small town with a well….
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Coruscant was a planet in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. Widely considered to be the galactic capital, it was reasoned that whoever held Coruscant was the dominant power in the galaxy.

During its history, Coruscant was the capital of the Old Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. It also served as the temporary capital of the Sith Order of Decreto during the Zao tenj War.

History Edit

Galactic Civil War Edit

During the Galactic Civil War, it served as Emperor Palpatine's base of operations, besides Byss.

It was on Coruscant, where Palpatine and Darth Vader received the rogue Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi's wife, Abigaile Jade, from the Arkanian smuggler Maka Jeth and his Yaka slave, Duwingo.

The New Republic Edit

After the collapse of the Empire, Coruscant fell into the hands of the New Republic, who controlled Coruscant until it fell to the Yuuzhan Vong in 27 ABY.

It was later liberated by the Galactic Federation of Free Alllances in 30 ABY. It remained in GFFA control for the next few decades, despite numerous movements to overthrow or threaten GFFA security, such as the Second Corellian Insurrection.

Sith Control Edit

During the Sith Crusade, it became obvious to the Jedi and the GFFA that the Sith Order of Decreto's goal was to capture Coruscant itself. To prevent that from happening, they fought back against the Sith, but it was of little avail. The Sith under Darth Abeonis eventually cornered the Alliance, pinned it down to its capital, and invaded it with no mercy. The Sith had succeeded in wrestling Coruscant from the Galactic Alliance's grip. With Coruscant gone, the GFFA collapsed.

The Sith held Coruscant through the Successors War, then through the Unity Era, though they almost lost it to the rebellion; what was left of the GFFA. They then continued to have it in their possession up until the Zao tenj War, when the Decreton Order faded away, and Coruscant fell back into the control of the Jedi and a new government known as the Restoration Alliance.

Times of Darkness Edit

Throughout the Dark Age, Coruscant stayed in the hand of the Restoration Alliance, and shortly after their victory over Darth Echo's troops in 500 ABY, they renamed themselves the Third Republic.

During the troubled Darkness Era, the Republic was on the verge of collapse on more than one occasion. The point they got closest to collapsing was the DRACOSTORM crisis involving Zack Fayne.

Some time during the Darkness Era but before the Infinbelum Era, the Third Republic collapsed and was replaced with the Fourth Republic.

Following the creation of the Fourth Republic, the Vancita Alliance started the Restoration War, and tried to reunite the Galaxy after the Darkness Era. This involved crushing all other governments, which worked surprisingly well. They conquered Coruscant, and it fell to the VA.

After the conquest, the Jedi started the Shadow Crusades, and though it never reached Coruscant itself, it helped weaken VA power on Coruscant, allowing the remnants of the Fourth Republic step in and conquer the Alliance. They held the capital until the Second Galactic Civil War, which was started by the infamous Coruscant Rebellion, which involved the destruction of the Jedi Temple, and replacing it with the New Imperial Palace.

Control then vied between the Fourth Republic, which then transformed into the Third Galactic Empire, which in turn became the Infinite Sith Empire. After the defeat of the Sith at the Graveyard, the capital fell to the Fifth Republic, and it would stay in its control for nearly a thousand years.

Redfive EraEdit

Coruscant was the capital of the Galactic Republic 3,000 years ABY. The Galactic City by this time was broken into three sections, the Senate District, the Bureaucrat Sector, and the Imperial Dive. Coruscant remained mostly untouched by the Sith/Republic War until the very end when the Republic surrendered to the Sith and it taken over by the new Imperial Dynasty.

Population Edit

Coruscant, a bustling ecumenopolis had a grand population of 15 trillion humans and aliens. The population density was extremely high - in some places it was 2 million people per sq. kilometer. Coruscant was divided into many millions of district wards and sub-divided into 4 categories:

  • Upper City - the rich apartments and panoramic views housed only the richest people on the planet,
  • Middle City - Middle-class people who prefer less luxury but good living - sunlight never reached this area. It also had millions of theaters and entertaining districts as well as billboards that illuminated the whole planet.
  • The Lower City - poorer less fortunate people, buildings where old and most of them where actually foundations of the taller buildings. These areas where very humid and full of toxic gases,
  • Slums - some sparse areas of Coruscant had incredibly poor area's that housed millions of people in a small space - crime was high and not dealt with.

Coruscant's tallest building was The Galactic Trading Center Of Republic Systems which was 5,790 meters high.


Coruscant suffered large types of disease - minor or deadly. Because Coruscant had a very over populated landscape, disease could have spread extremely fast. Fortunately large supplies of medicine was imported from Felucia and other exotic planets that were happily agreed by the Taxation Clan of the Galactic Sentate. During the Republic era Coruscant was extremely vulnerable from outbreaks of disease; especially if there were about 450 types of aliens living within the planet - so the Galactic Senate devised a new rule by the Taxation Clan in order to supply medicine to those who could afford it (100 credits for small boost and 400 credits for permanent immunity to over 4,500 types of diseases from across the galaxy). This sparked anger to the poorer civilians because they obviously could not afford it. As a result many of them left Coruscant and started to migrate out of the inner core and into remote planets to start a new government (they where never successful because no-one wanted to join the clan).


Because the mighty size of Coruscant, the weather was changeable and in some parts controlled. At the poles temperature would dip to as low as -49 degrees and at the equator temperatures have been recorded at 59 degrees.

Coruscant has a mixed variety of temperature zones which includes:

  • Temperate - 60% of the planet
  • Polar - 10% of the planet
  • Microclimate - 20% of the planet
  • Dry - 10% of the planet

Temperate zones averaged -12 to 30 degrees around the northern hemisphere. The polar climates where sparse but used for fresh water supplies and natural areas for climate balance. The microclimate were where the most densely populated areas gave off at least 7 degrees of heat meaning it was constantly warmer than the outer parts of the city. Dry was the areas where Coruscant where little rain fell - these areas where at the southern hemisphere and the south pole. Over all Coruscant has a reasonable climate and most of it is temperate.

Air compositionEdit

Coruscant had a breathable type 2 - oxygen mix atmosphere which was a good advantage for humans and most aliens.

  • 40% Oxygen (extremely important to humans and most life)
  • 20% Nitrogen (very useful for plant and animal life although many of them extinct)
  • 5% Carbon dioxide (higher if in a dense part of the city)
  • 2% Carbon monoxide (higher if in the industrial parts of the city)
  • 3% Neon (neon had to be man-made if it was to be used for lights and displays)
  • 10% Helium (no use on Coruscant)
  • 5% Argon (Xeon mix)
  • 5% Sulfur trioxide (higher if in industrial part of the city)
  • 3% Water vapor (higher if there is either a storm or fog)
  • 7% Ozone (variable if sunny then it could be up to 8%, highly poisonous to some aliens).


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