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Coruscant was the metropolitan capital planet of the Galactic Republic and,[1] later, the Galactic Empire,[2] serving as the political hub of the galaxy for thousands of years. Coruscant was also the location of the Jedi Temple, the central headquarters for the Jedi Order.[3] Individuals who lived on Coruscant often spoke with a Coruscanti accent.[6] The higher education individuals received on Coruscant, such as at the University of Coruscant,[4] caused some people in the galaxy to view Coruscant as a planet of elitists.[7]

A few hundred years after the formation of the Galactic Republic, Coruscant was the site of the First Jedi Schism. The Dark Jedi Xendor, along with the Legions of Lettow that he led, attacked the Jedi on Coruscant in an effort to destroy them, though Xendor and the Legions were defeated by the Jedi Order.[8] In 13,000 BBY, Coruscant was attacked once more when the theocratic Alsakan Union, hoping to terraform the city planet to restore its natural elements, invaded and took control of Coruscant from the Republic. The Republic regained control of the planet at the end of the resulting Alsakan Crisis.[5]

Following the collapse of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant remained the political capital of the galaxy.[2] Having been the location of the Galactic Senate during the time of the Republic,[1] Coruscant became the headquarters of the Imperial Senate that came to power in its place.[2]



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