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Corr Skirata, previously known as CT-5108/8843, was a Clone trooper munitions disposal specialist who served the Grand Army of the Republic and later joins the Clan Skirata during the end of the Clone Wars.


Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, Corr was assigned to a desk job on Coruscant GAR logistics base after he was severely injured by an explosive. He lost both of his lower arms from just above the elbows down, and was waiting for more advanced prosthetic replacements to become available. Due to his prosthetic limbs, he developed the habit of sharpening knives on his fingertips, and was known for his tricks with blades, many of which carried the risk of maiming a normal Human.

Corr assisted Kal Skirata, Omega Squad, Delta Squad, and Null-class ARC troopers Null-7 and Null-11 to eliminate a terrorist cell on Coruscant. During this assignment, he surprised Omega squad with his non-discretion with a Z-6 Rotary Blaster. Impressed by Corr's competence, Skirata decided to train him as a clone commando with the permission of Arligan Zey. After the mission, Corr wished could have replaced Darman in Omega Squad in order for Darman to accompany Etain Tur-Mukan to Qiilura, but Darman declined the offer.

While training to become a commando, he developed tastes similar to Mereel and would often explore the social scene of cities they visited. Also during his commando training, he worked briefly with Jaing Skirata and Kom'rk. Later, he was officially designated as RC-5108/8843 and assigned to Omega Squad to fill the role that RC-8015 had vacated, due to a severe brain injury.

Deserting the Army

When the Clone Wars ended he was among the first to desert to Mandalore where then lived in Kyrimorut. He later developed a relationship with Jilka Zan Zentis who later gives birth to a daughter named Corra Skirata. Corr was pleased to be a father and that his life would change and forget his early times during the war.



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