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The whole fight on Corellia is one of the only reasons I stuck around the rest of the war.
—Han Solo

The Corellian Rebellion, also simply known as the Battle of Corellia, was a battle during the Galactic Civil War approximately one year after the Battle of Yavin. The battle encompassed combat both in orbit and on the planet's surface. Corellian rebels, led by Corellian patriot Thrackan Sal-Solo, gained much popular support and, with the help of a Rebel Alliance battlegroup, defeated the local Imperial garrison and an Imperial fleet and ousted them from the system. It was one of the major Rebel victories in the war and helped to secure General Han Solo's allegiance to the Rebel cause.

The Battle of Yavin proved to Thrackan Sal-Solo -- cousin to now-famous smuggler-turned Rebel hero Han Solo -- that the Empire, which had maintained an invisible authoritative grip on Corellia for nearly two decades -- could be defeated. Using his personal wealth and penchant for inspiring Corellian patriotism, Sal-Solo gathered and organized the underground Corellian rebel movements into one cohesive force for nearly six months. Contacting rebel spies on-planet during this period, he arranged for a well-executed rebellion at some point in the future, and was promised assistance from a Rebel battlegroup under the personal command of Admiral Ackbar. After more months of building up supplies, equipment, and recruiting to their cause, Sal-Solo launched the rebellion approximately one year after the destruction of the Death Star. Governor Thomree -- who was viewed by many Corellians as having betrayed this people to the Empire -- called on CorSec and the local Imperial garrison to quell the revolt. However, he quickly found that nearly two-thirds of CorSec had defected to the rebel cause, with many key Imperial officers and troops joining their ranks. Simultaneously, a Rebel fleet including several battleships and heavy cruisers fell out of hyperspace and began landing marines to support the Corellian freedom fighters on the surface of the planet. Minor Imperial space forces were neutralized, and within three days, the Corellian capital of Coronet City fell into rebel hands.

Approximately five days after the rebellion began, an Imperial fleet commanded by Fleet Admiral Kendal Ozzel arrived; he had been tasked with destroying the Rebel fleet in orbit and to retake the planet, using whatever means necessary against the local populace to achieve this goal. As the remains of the Imperial garrison and loyalist CorSec units planetside struggled to hold out, an intense space battle ensued in orbit. Rebel forces, supported by Corellian gunships and corvettes piloted by Imperial defectors and Corellian rebels, destroyed a Star Destroyer and numerous other ships, forcing the Imperials to withdraw. The next day, the last Imperial troops on the planet surrendered. Governor Thomree was tried in a kangaroo court -- overseen by Provisional General Sal-Solo -- and executed two days later.