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The sexiest dancers this side of Zeltros!
—An announcer, regarding the dancers.

The Corellian Dreadnaught dancers was the cheerleading unit representing the Corellian Dreadnaughts smashball team. It consisted of twenty girls at one time.



Though the Corellian Dreadnaughts themselves were formed thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, the dancers themselves were not formed until 98 BBY. They originally wore tanktops and mini-skirts, although as the years progressed they changed their tops to be belly-revealing, making them the first team of sports-dancers to reveal portions of their torso. Eventually, by 32 BBY, their tops had changed again; they had sloping necklines, revealing a modest amount of cleavage. Their skirts were also shortened.

Clone Wars


The dancers performing for the clone troopers.

During the Clone Wars, the dancers were temporarily removed by Republic order from the Dreadnaughts, and were put on tour duty—they would travel through Republic Mobile Surgical Units and entertain the clone troopers. Though some of the dancers felt the clones were sub-human; an opinion held by many beings throughout the galaxy; Rietalla fell in love with a trooper, CT-3198, and Aryell and Katee served as waitresses in the cantina the clone frequented so they could be around the troopers, whom the two dancers found endearing.

Dark Times

When Order 66 was issued, the dancers were on Kessel. They were shocked when the clones turned on the Jedi, but as they had no allegiance to the Jedi they did not question it. However, when CT-3198 found out the clones would not be allowed to have wives under the new regime, he ran away with Rietalla.


(An * indicates those who were elected for a second term.)

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