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The Core Power Alliance (abbreviated CPA) was a robust, long-running political faction in the Galactic Senate that was largely comprised of members representing individual Core worlds and Core and Inner Rim sectors. The organization was often maligned with allegations of corruption and morally reprehensible acts, but little was ever proven over the years. The group supported strong government, a Core-centric power structure, guild and union-driven markets, and occupational colonialism—that is, the forced takeover of known "uncivilized" planets and free-flowing expansionism. Among the acts supported was the Brasworth Agreement, because it disarmed Core and Inner Rim worlds, making them even more subject to the stronger Core worlds around them. The superstructure of the party was dense and complicated. The official leader was never seen in public, but the face of the group was Cos Peradhi of Corellia. He was also the highest-ranking member in the organization. The CPA suffered a setback 707 BBY when the Probitas pro populus members were able to block legislation that transferred control of the Republic's commerce regulation to a group of supraplanetary guilds. As a result, long-standing allegations of corruption were proven correct. Three years later, when Chancellor Rosock Mekosk resigned, Peradhi was hampered in his bid for the chancery. Instead, PPP member Anwis Eddicus won the election. Peradhi continued to be a thorn in Eddicus's side, and the alliance supported the nomination of Mra Tarkin to replace deceased PPP member Awa Moonflower, offering questions to the CPA's ties to B'Rhea and the despotic regime of the planet Eriadu.


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