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Freedom is possible for some. Peace, though? Peace is a lie. There will always be conflict and Mandalorians like me will always wear beskar'gam-- our second skin.―Corden Vencu to Lucifel

Corden Vencu, also known as Mandalore the Preserver, was a Human Mandalorian during the time of the Third Galactic Civil War. Finding his predecessors unfit for role as Mandalore, Corden Vencu challenged three Mandalores for their position but it was not until after the Mandalorian exodus and the Second Mandalorian Civil War that he became Mandalore. He would declare war on the Galactic Alliance after the Alliance were framed for an assassination attempt on Vencu's life during Operation Aruetii, which had been orchestrated by Geist Weiss and Vencu's right-hand man, Apollo Ordo.


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