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My sucessor...good luck.
Sabé Andierre

Cordé Gredun was the first senatorial handmaiden to Padmé Amidala and the first choice for her decoy. This position, unfortunately, led to her death at the beginning of the Clone Wars as one of its first casualties.


Cordé's parents were both of the merchant class, but she was only two generations removed from the Corderrie family, from which her name was derived. She grew up only vaguely aware of this, intending to follow her parents into the plasma industry. Her coming of age, however, was marred by the Trade Federation's extortion of the Naboo and their later invasion when she was fourteen. As a prisoner in the camps, Cordé suffered from a respiratory ailment which seriously marred her health over the following year. As part of her recovery she took up martial arts for the exercise.

She continued to work in the plasma industry over the following eight years, but when she was twenty-one she applied to become a senatorial handmaiden, and when Padmé Amidala took the office she was accepted as her primary bodyguard and decoy.

During the two years she served Amidala, Cordé became a bit more aware of her own heirtage, mostly through her friendship with her fellow handmaidens Versé Excenil and Dormé Costil, who both came from aristocratic families. Watching, however, the behavior of both of their families, and the hostility between them that affected the two women's relationship with each other, only left Cordé grateful that her family had not remained at the high point they had once been at.

In 22 BBY, the three handmaidens travelled around with Amidala as she campaigned against the Military Creation Act, and they and her head of security were concerned for her safety. As one measure, Dormé returned to Coruscant a day early to scout out the situation. As another, when Amidala and her entourage made the final flight to Coruscant, Amidala posed as one of the escort pilots while Cordé assumed the identity of the Senator. This measure saved Amidala, as after they landed, just when Cordé was exiting the ship, a bomb went off and fatally injured her. Versé was also killed in the explosion.