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The Coo-Neo Crisis, also known as, the Coo-Neo Conflict was a small scale war between the Galactic Republic, and a band of prisoners. The conflict can be seen as far back as the kidnapping of Zell Coo-Neo. The conflict officially began after the prison riot and the break out of its inmates. The Jedi investigated the matter and the result was a duel between the Jedi and Zell Coo-Neo. After another incident with Zell on Telos IV, the Republic and Jedi Order sent a military force to quell Zell's attacks.



The start of the conflict began in 23 BBY when Zell Coo-Neo instigated a prison riot and breakout, after he successfully infiltrated the prison on Dontamo and chose Phyllius Marks to lead the riot. They remained on planet to provoke an investigation by the Jedi Order, they remained there for two months until the Jedi finally sent someone to investigate (Scott Borek). The resulting investigation provoked an attack on Borek from the prisoners, as well as a duel with Zell in the main hangar. The result was a tie and Zell escaped with nearly all the inmates.

First and Only battle

After nearly a week of no new attacks or disruptions, Zell reappeared on Telos IV. He proceeded to pillage a small portion of Telos's capital and completely destroy the Agricultural Corps, the farm work system for rejected Jedi padawan's, as well as the Jedi and workers stationed there. This caused a military response by both the Republic and the Jedi Order. The Jedi Order sent Scott Borek, Shyla Spearrunner and Bruce Jammer to command the Republic security force and the Jedi Defense Space Corps. The battle resulted in the death of Zell Coo-Neo, a majority of the prisoners, and several Republic security personnel. Phyllius Marks was also captured, thus ending the conflict.


Many think that this conflict alone, started the chain of events which led to the Great Galactic War and eventually the Dark Ages and the reign of the Human Imperium. With the death of Zell Coo-Neo it put events in motion that led to Borek's disappearance from the galaxy, an arguing point of historians that support the idea that the Great Galactic War began because of his absence. It is also disputed that the ancient dark side organization called the Sith came back into known existence, after what appeared to be millennia of hibernation. Another outcome that came about via this conflict, was the start of the Great Militia Debate and the eventual resolution of said debate. The production of the T-65 X-Wing starfighter to supplement and replace the Z-95 Headhunter as well as the Delta-7 to replace the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor also came about to give the advantage to the Republic in any future conflict. Colla Designs and Phlac-Arphocc Automata Industries began to design the Tri-fighter to provide aerial support to the sentient controlled counterparts.


Knight Blindness (First appearance)

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