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Contispexus was a planet in the Iseno sector of the Inner Rim. It was originally called Somaticthalrie but after the Kefultictimos were nearly wiped out during the Pius Dea crusades it was renamed in honor of the Contispex dynasty. It became a world of extreme Humanocentric idealism that outlasted the Galactic Republic and elevated its role within the Galactic Empire. It only reluctantly joined the New Republic and it was reduced to a backwater world over the decades and centuries following the First Order as newer trade routes decreased the amount of traffic near the Somaticthalrie system.


Contispexus is a shrine to the Human species, a disgusting show of every arrogance their race has accumulated. I think when I die, I want to die in a giant ship, maybe a Death Star, crashing into Contispexus and taking it with me.
Exactor on the subject of Contispexus[src]

There were many ancient ruins on Contispexus, left over from the long age of the Kefultictimos. Most of them dotted the five continents, Liafth, Apovikbry, Mononosta, Bairnteech, and Flellelois, but a few early sites were discovered under the sea. The modern cities of the Humans, some constructed on top of the ruins, were built in the architectural style of the seaside towns of Abregado-rae. Most of the habitation was along the coasts, leaving the planet's high forests relatively undisturbed. There were many mines in the mountains but the deserts and plains where the Kefultictimos eventually lived remained relatively undisturbed.

It had two moons, Yindleyr I and Yindleyr II, and was the closest of the three planets in the Somaticthalrie system to its star. A small ring of debris formed around the planet and reflected enough light to be visible from the ground on clear nights. Light from the shipyards tied to Yindleyr II could also be seen on rare occasions.


Throughout the eons predating the Republic, the Kefultictimos cultivated Somaticthalrie, making it a beautiful world. The Celestials placed a barrier of protection around the planet so that no one would disturb them until they were ready to explore the galaxy for themselves. However, the Rakata of the Infinite Empire managed to penetrate the barrier for a moment in 28,355 BBY and sent in a strike team to permanently disable it from the inside. The Kefultictimos fought back and defeated the invaders, collecting the strange technology and concealing it in the great temple Chulkislarptinis to be studied when the Rakata were no longer powerful. Their leader sensed it was time in 25,096 BBY and they used the technology to build their first hyperdrives. Unlike other early spacefaring species, they did not colonize any worlds, instead mapping routes to nearby worlds and trading with the beings already living there.

By 25,000 BBY, Somaticthalire was the center of a small merchant kingdom of twenty-two worlds. They ceased their explorations for about four thousand years but in 21,899 BBY they sent scouts to Denon, which they had observed early in their spaceflight but had not contacted because they recognized that the Rakata had occupied the planet and they feared casually connecting with it. This time, they established contact and shortly thereafter joined the Republic. With the rise of the Pius Dea, they withdrew from the Republic in protest but in 11,468 BBY, the planet was assaulted by the Republic and the Kefultictimos were all but wiped out. A Human colony was established and Somaticthalire, renamed as Contispexus, rejoined the Republic. Chulkislarptinis and the cities and great fortresses of the Kefultictimos were reduced to rubble by the zealous colonists and the few thousand remaining natives retreated to the desert to isolate themselves from the Humans who set to work constructing cities such as Tepex and Fozanj.

Throughout the years, Contispextus sent numerous colony ships to hundreds of worlds in the galaxy, including Trandoraba. Even though it was not strategically located and it was overshadowed in power by the nearby worlds of Denon and Ardru, Contispextus was important enough to have its own fleet and held much sway over events on Coruscant.

During the Clone Wars, its fleet defended the Republic, although it suffered a humiliating but brief occupation by the Separatists. The planet was one of the strongest supporters of the Empire in the Iseno sector and the people were proud of the many stormtroopers like Tirant Crurannc who marched in the streets while their fleet was integrated into the Imperial Navy.

Even after the New Republic acquired Denon in 6 ABY, they refused to accept that the war was over. They began tp attack New Republic aligned neighbors. A New Republic assault in 7 ABY, disabled the Contispex shipyards that, while far less impressive than the shipyards of worlds like Fondor, posed a threat to security in the region. Only after the collapse of the a brief cult called the Empire Reborn in 14 ABY left Contispexus an island in New Republic space did they finally join. The move was so unpopular that several cities rioted for two weeks and there was an assassination attempt on Governor Letro's life. It declared allegience to the First Order but was ignored by them and after the war its already weakening prominence rapidly deteriorated. Nonhumans refugees flooded the world and many of its human residents retreated to Human-dominated, often backward worlds that they considered to be sanctuaries from diversity.

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