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The Contingent was a group of pirates and smugglers who were formed in 6 BBY by Rak Rootan. The group's headquarters were located on an asteroid in the Obsidian Asteroid Field.


The Kress'A'Mareene (5 BBY)

In 5 BBY, The Contingent absorbed the crew of the Red Raven and the Centennial Star by force. Later that year, the pirate group attacked an Imperial cargo ship that was carrying the Kress'A'Mareene, a Sith artifact. After looting the ship and stealing the artifact, the group returned to its asteroid sanctuary.

Later, the asteroid base was attacked by mercenaries working for Broken Blade and the Kress'A'Mareene was taken. Rootan was preparing to retrieve the artifact when The Nemesis Battle Group atttacked the asteroid base. The pirate leader, Rootan, was killed during the attack.

After the battle, the survivng members formed an agreement with the Empire to track down the Kress'A'Mareene in exchange for their freedom. While searching for the artifact, a few of the members were attacked in a cantina on Tatooine by Varkiees and almost killed, though they were rescued by Nicola and a squad of Storm Commandos. They later discovered the location of Broken Blade's main base and joined the Empire in the Battle of Krantylla. Afterwards, The Contingent escaped the Nemesis with help from Nicola. They decided to keep the name, and continued smuggling throughout the Core Worlds.

Dreighton (3 BBY)

The Contingent later accepted a shipping contract to the remote system of Dreighton, a system suffering in the iron grip of rogue Moff Arduous Kurn. After completing the shipment, their ship was impounded and they were forced to stay on world. They ended up aiding the local resistance headed by Jefferson Pike and were almost killed during an Imperial attack. They later accompanied Pike to Kurn's Space Station to free the colonists kept prisoner there, as well as to raid the Moff's personal treasury. During the Battle of Dreighton, the members of The Contingent on the space station were presumed dead when the space station was destroyed. In actuallity, some of the members survived. The survivors remained on the part of the station that plummeted to Dreighton VI. It is unknown if they survived the crash. Carrie Red was captured during the battle, but later escaped with Pike and the colonists. Her fate thereafter is unknown.

Known Members

Known Starships

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