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The Constitution of the Sith League was the official constitution of the Sith League, based upon its predecessor, the Charter of the Sith League.

It established the specific powers and responsibilities of each of the branches, the rights and duties of all Sith citizens, and a number of provisions related to the treatment of non-Sith peoples. It was eventually expanded upon and amended by later administrations.


The Tsis'ari, Low Sith for "Lord of the Sith Peoples," served as the executive branch of the Sith League, wielding power as the chief military leader and in the authoring of executive orders. The Tsis'ari also possessed the power to veto the motions proposed by the Council of Kissai, or order that the motion be resubmitted to the Court of Twelve for interpretation. The Tsis'ari ruled for life, or until voluntary or involuntary resignation.

With the death or resignation of the reigning Tsis'ari, the Sith citizenry, male and female over the age of sixteen Korriban standard years, were permitted to vote for a number of potential Tsis'ari selected by the Council of Kissai as individuals "most closely matching the Sith'ari ideal introduced by Adas." The candidate with the majority of votes would be named the new monarch.


The Council of Kissai, the governing body of the ancient state-supported Faith of Typhojem, served as the legislative branch of the League, exercising power in the drafting, voting, and enacting of laws. The Council also oversaw the election of new Tsis'ari monarchs during times of transition, and oversaw the government of the League in times of civil strife or crisis. Members of the Council were the finest examples of the Kissai caste, expected to emulate the Sith'ari ideals, and served for life.

In order to pass laws, the Council required a majority of at least two thirds of its membership, after which the law would be submitted to the Court of Twelve for the evaluation of its constitutionality.


The Court of Twelve was the judicial branch of the League, expected to serve as the highest court of law in the League. Though the membership requirements and size of the Court changed from time to time, it generally consisted of twelve of the foremost Sith judges and lawyers in Sith space.

The application and interpretation of laws enacted by the Council of Kissai was the duty of the Court. The Court deliberated on matters of legality, suggested updates on laws to the Council, and occasionally passed judgment in individual cases of suitable importance. Any Sith citizen could appeal to the Court of Twelve to supercede a ruling given by a lower court, though such appeals were rarely received.


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