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Forget our previous defeat at the hands of the Hekdanakran! This time we have stronger forces than in that war, and we have support from our allies the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire, N'Akkiarlian Star Empire and House of Dezendyan, we will conquer Hekdanakra this time!
—Emperor Kkrzz to the Kalakranakian people

The Conquest of Hekdanakra (also referred to as the Second Hekdanakran-Kalakranakian War) was a small war which happened in 1,126 ABY betweeen the Kalakranakian Empire, along with their new Imperial Tripartite Alliance allies, and the Hekdanakran Commonwealth. The Kalakranaki defeated the Hekdanakra and absorbed them into there empire, much to the joy of the Kalakranakian people, since the Kalakranaki had previously been beaten by the Hekdanakra in the First Hekdanakran-Kalakranakian War.

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