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In 157 ABY, the Nagai twins Broll and Veli Kass`l returned to their homeworld, the fortress moon of Belzior, to confront their father, the Nagai warlord Lothar Kass`l.


Broll and Veli, along with Broll's girlfriend Selina Quinn and Veli's son Tae, infiltrated Lothar's citadel, but were apprehended by Zhezur Tarhy and a squad of Dread Sentinels. They were kept in the citadel's dungeons, but Zhezur, who had helped raise and train the twins, did not inform Lothar of their identities, hoping they would agree to meet with him and steer him away from the brutal, repressive dictatorship he had enacted on the worlds under the sway of his Dread Fleet.

The twins were not to be swayed, but over time—speaking with Broll, Veli, and Tae, as well as somewhat warily conversing with the Forceful Selina—Zhezur came to believe they might be able to get the Dread Fleet back on track. He released the twins and Selina, vowing not to help them, but also not to stop them, and to keep Tae safe. Taking secret passages through the fortress, Veli and Broll infiltrated their father's chambers.

Settling a score

Though startled to see them, Lothar was not welcoming, accusing them of cowardice and dishonor before Firefist. The argument was short and nasty, and became a fight. Lothar's Dread Sentinel bodyguards attempted to intervene, but Selina repulsed them with a Force push.

Lothar was in his seventies but still a formidable fighter, and he took on the twins together, all three battling with tehk'la blades. Veli got in a cut on his father's side, but was wounded himself when Lothar raked his left forearm. But the attack left Lothar exposed, and Broll gouged open the right side of his chest.

Collapsing to his knees and hemorrhaging, Lothar managed to give his sons a contemptuous sneer. With Veli holding his injured arm to his chest, the twins crossed their tehk'la blades at their father's neck, then cut his throat.


The citadel was consumed by a brief internal struggle, with Dread Sentinels and soldiers loyal to Lothar fighting those willing to serve Broll and Veli. The twins' faction emerged victorious, securing the fortress and capturing Lothar's youngest son, Ravi. But their half-sister Jehra was at large with the fleet, and she eventually faced off against her half-brothers for control of the Dread Fleet in the Brothers' War.

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