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The Confederation of Free Planets was the sole governing body of the galaxy after the Galactic Alliance. They were allied with the New Jedi Order, with each Jedi assigned to a CFP military commander or officer. Clone trooper veterans from the Clone Wars were also part of it. The Confederation was eventually succeeded by the New Galactic Empire.


After the fall of the New Republic, and the Galactic Alliance around 7 ABY, the Confederation of Free Planets was born, started by the New Republic Remnant members and the Jedi survivors of the Second Jedi Purge. The New Jedi Order was allied with them.


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The Confederate Armed Forces was made up out of the New Republic Remnant soldiers and followers, and veteran Clone troopers of the Galactic Republic, such as CC-1010, CC-2009, and CO-2230. Many worlds that joined the Confederation also donated troops and vehicles.

Notable Army personnel


The New Jedi Order's Jedi Masters and Jedi Knights worked with clone trooper commanders and regular human officers, and also other commanders of various species.

Notable Jedi Generals

Confederate Intelligence

The Confederate Intelligence was a large organization of intelligence agents within the Confederation. They specialized in spying and gathering information.

Notable Intelligence agents


The Confederate Navy was the primary defense force of starships that defended Confederate space. Each sector had two fleets. Each fleet was command by an admiral, and both sector fleets were commanded by vice admirals, and a grand admiral commanded the fleets of four sectors.

Notable Navy members

Confederate SpecOps

The Confederate SpecOps consisted of various commando units.

Confederation of Free Planets Special Operations Command

The CFP SpecOps Command was an organization that gave orders to all commando units in the CFP army.

Notable Members

CFP SpecOps

CFP SpecOps units operated under the CFP SpecOps Command, and were elite commando units used for stealth missions.

Storm Commandos

Storm Commandos served the Empire, but many started serving the CFP after the fall of it. They wore black scout trooper armor, but had a different chest plate. Some wore white armor for ice planet missions.

Notable members

Advanced Recon Commandos


An ARC commander

Advanced Recon Commandos were elite clone troopers in the Galactic Republic and the CFP also.

Notable Members

Royal Guard

The Royal Guard was made up of several elite units that were bodyguards to the Chief of State.

Confederate Royal Guard

The Confederate Royal Guard was the first bodyguard unit for the Chief of State, and were formed from the most elite cadets from every branch.

Notable members

Royal Procession

Royal Procession

Royal Procession troops in action

The Royal Procession was the second bodyguard unit, and was the Chief of State's favorite. It replaced the Confederate Royal Guard. Elite cadets from the Storm Commandos and the Confederate Royal Guard were picked to join this unit.

Notable Members

Lieutenant Qin Lee

Force using units

SIth Acolyte

Sith Acolytes were elite units that used the Force and long lightsaber lances.

Shadow Guard

The Shadow Guards were like the Emperor's Royal Guards but used lightsaber lances and had black armor and helmets instead of red.

preceded by:
Galactic Alliance
Confederation of Free Planets
succeeded by:
New Galactic Empire


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