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The Confederate Senate or New Confederacy of Independent Systems Senate was the main part of the government of the New Confederacy. It was where members of the Council would pass laws and announcements to the CIS-loyal senators. Senators from their home world or appointed world would come and voice their planet's news or what they thought of the new laws. If there was ever a majority on replacing the leader the council would either agree or not.



The Confederate Senate

During his rule Troyb placed a Confederate senate on his home world of Cato Neimoidia. Members of each world that was either loyal or controlled by the New CIS listened and gave their thoughts about each decision. The main podium in the center of the Senate chamber was where leaders of the council, such as Troyb, Darth Tyler and Vale Sinkon announced important news. Security droids watched and broadcast all information to each world via the Shadowfeed.


During his rule, there were a certain amount of senators to each world, here is a list of them.

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