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Kroger: “We must strike back now.
Gen. Marshal: “We're preparing attacks on Fondor and Raxus Prime shipyards, sir. And...
Kroger: “I'm talking about hitting the heart of the Empire for the way they have hit us!

— Kroger expresses his desire for retaliation to his Defense council

The Bombing of the Confederation Congress was an act of terrorism that occurred against the Galactic Confederate Systems's capital of Naboo in 18 ABY. The bombing was orchestrated by Imperial assassins in an attempt to weaken the Confederacy. The bombing backfired on the Imperials. It enraged the Confederate President and the people of the Confederacy. They swore vengeance and the military started planning a mission to strike back against the Imperials.

The bombing was avenged in the Kroger Raid.

Battles of the War of Secession
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