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Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance
Date proposed

21 BBY

Proposed by

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Confederate States of Earth

Key individuals
  • Count Dooku
  • Jane Zarkan
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems assists the Confederate States of Earth in building her military forces and assists Confederate Earth in her defence.
  • Confederate States of Earth earns the ability to have an observer in the Separatist Parliament and open an embassy on Raxus Secundus.
  • Preliminary step in granting the C.S.E full membership of the C.I.S
With this alliance we will provide you support against Republican greed, corruption and militarism! The warriors of Earth are as hard as nails, gives us the tools we need to fight the Republic and we'll push the Republic all the way back to Coruscant! Our Confederacy will be loyal allies to your noble movement for freedom from the oppressive Galactic Republic, an Empire in all but name! I was under the impression that in a "Republic" there was freedom of choice, did the "Republic" ever give you a choice in your own futures!?
—Jane Zarkan, President of the Confederacy, to the Separatist Parliament, after the signing of the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance in the Separatist Senate Building on Raxus Secundus

The Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance was an alliance signed in 21 BBY between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the pro-CIS Confederate States of Earth. The alliance garaunteed CIS support for Confederate Earth whilst Earth was building CIS support and getting ready to join the CIS, and in case the Republic or the Union of Earth States attacked the Confederacy in reprisal for siding with the CIS.

The alliance was born out of the Confederacy's immediate support for the CIS after first meeting with Confederate scouts who discovered Earth a few weeks before the alliance was signed, Jane Zarkan was informed by the scouts about the CIS, Galactic Republic and the Clone Wars, the heavy pro-CIS bias of the scouts led Jane Zarkan to believe the Republic to be a government full of corruption and greed, leading her to immediatly support the CIS against such a poor government.

Hosting the Separatist scouts in her castle, she had the scouts meet the Confederate Parliament in order to tell them about their nation, following which the Confederate Parliament almost unanimously declared their intent to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

After the scouts had informed Dooku about the Confederate States of Earth and their desire to join his government Dooku set about getting Confederate Earth into his nation, but first he wanted Earth to have a stronger military before admitting Earth into the Confederacy as a full member, but he did permit the Confederates to send a representative as an envoy and an "observer" to the Separatist Parliament, as well as open an embassy on Raxus Secundus, capital of the CIS. He also decided to sign an alliance with Earth to ensure the CIS could help supply and defend Earth until Earth built up its military forces to a level he believed needed to be able to take part in the galactic conflict.

He had Jane Zarkan and the 9 other Confederate leaders visit Raxus Secundus and sign the alliance with the CIS in the Separatist Senate Building.

This alliance represents the friendship and brotherhood between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Confederate States of Earth, as your allies we will provide you support and resources needed to build your own military forces, after your military forces have been built up to a level in which your planet can take part in the galactic conflict, you will be able to join the Separatist Parliament, until then you have permission to open an embassy here and have a representative of your government in the Separatist Parliament
—Count Dooku to Queen Jane I, after signing the alliance

Under the terms of the alliance, the CIS deployed naval and ground forces as well as technical teams, to Earth to help Earth build its military strength, put down anti-Separatist rallies and riots, and defend Earth from possible Republic and Union attack, like the First Battle of Earth.

After the Confederate States of Earth joined the CIS in 21 BBY following the First Battle of Earth as it was deemed the alliance was obsolete, since Earth was guaranteed Separatist support as a member of the Confederacy, but the alliance officially stayed in force even after Earth joined the CIS.

Luke Skywalker: “You remember the Clone Wars? Wasn't your nation a member of the Separatist Alliance? I once had a good friend who served in that war, he was a Jedi who served the Republic. I was born shortly after the war ended.
Jane Zarkan II: “Yes, we were allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, I remember those days well, we fought to defend Confederate freedom, and the Separatists greatly helped us in defending our freedom. Count Dooku was our hero, my mother was extremely loyal to him and his movement. My mother was highly distrustful of Jedi, and she loathed the corrupt Republic, which she viewed as oppressive, I mean no offence or disrespect to your Jedi friend, but you must understand my mother was an idealist who believed in the cause of Separatist freedom, it was the Republic who chose to invade her motherland and kill her people, as well as conspire with the oppressive Union.
Jane Zarkan II and Luke Skywalker, following the Second Earth Rebellion of 4 ABY

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